So, last night, The Beloved and I went to see R&B crooner/songwriter John Legend in concert at a great little outdoor venue in San Diego.

Now, R&B isn’t my thing that much – I grew up listening to AOR (Yes, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin) and in the intervening days my tastes have moved to indie-pop-rock-folk types (Death Cab, Over The Rhine).  The closest my music library comes to R&B or Motown is a fairly decent collection of Stevie Wonder and some old-school blues.

The Beloved, however, finds John Legend absolutely DREAMY – and so I surprised her with tickets a couple of months ago knowing that she’d enjoy it.  We joked about how John Legend would sing to her.  Just her.

Well, the concert opened with John “appearing” in the middle aisle on small platform with the only spotlights on him (nice touch).  This platform happened to be about 6 seats from us.  The Beloved swears that he looked at her while he was singing.  I believe that he could have actually LEFT after that and she would have been perfectly happy.

The rest of the concert?  What can I say?  From what I could tell, I believe that most of Legend’s song lyrics are composed of various combinations of:


and three of the following four :

love you
need you
want you
miss you

And as a “lyrics guy”, I can’t say that I loved the music, but I will say that he put on a pretty entertaining show.   He certainly played to his heartthrob stature and had good-natured fun with the audience.  He even called one “lucky lady” up on stage to dance with him, which was a hoot (I’m pretty sure she groped him a little).  Several female audience members let John know that he was loved and one made it clear that he was welcome to father a child with her at his convenience.  That was sort of sweet.

At one point, he said, “It's a night for love…I see a lot of dates out there. <applause>  You men —- you know that you score big points with your woman by bringing  her to see John Legend.”

True, John.  Very true.

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6 thoughts on “Legendary-ish

  1. John Legend is one of the few singers where I will buy his album without hearing anything off of it. His first two albums have a permanent place on my iPod, his third one is OK, it's still growing on me.

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