School Days

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been a number of posts here and on fb by parents about their child’s first day of school.  For a parent, this can be a traumatic day – a sense of time passing too quickly and anxiety about whether their fledgling can handle the classroom.  Of course, there’s also a feeling of pride seeing your little one move on to the next level.

And so it was at The Aerie this morning as Penny began taking her first class – Family Dog I.  She had never taken  “Puppy Kindergarten” because of her age when we got her and when she finished getting her shots.  Now, she’s done pretty good around the house and on walks, but we wondered how she’d do in a more formalized setting.

We stopped off at the dog park on our way over to class to let her burn off some steam.  It was a foggy early morning and we certainly appreciated how quickly one can lose a white dog in a fog bank.

Soon we were at our class (held at a great local pet-store) with about seven other really nice seeming dogs, aged a few months to a couple of years.  Penny seemed to be right in the middle age-wise.

The early lessons – including “sit”, which she’d already gotten pretty early in her stay here  — were pretty easy and Penny did pretty well.  She was pretty easily distracted by the other dogs and passersby, but could usually be called back to attention.  After some time, she began to whine a bit – being on a short leash and not being able to play with her new friends seemed to be the issue.  Oh, the drama of growing up!

Afterwards, we were off to dog-beach so she could really run out some of her excitement/frustration.  And someone even got a Texas Toothpick treat after her big first day of school.

Good job, Penny!

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13 thoughts on “School Days

  1. I hope Penny makes you as proud of her as Peppy did me when he went to doggie school. Peppy graduated the top of his class. I still find it hard to believe because he is a terrier and definitely has a mind of his own, He will come when called only if he feels like it. He is the only dog I've ever owned that will not come every time when called. To my shock and amazement on his final exam he performed every obedience trial like a pro. I guess he wanted to make us proud.

  2. "This is no longer amusing"…photo is priceless! She definitely looks like she's feeling the "rules of school"! Hope school goes great for Penny! I'm sure she'll be at the top of her class! :)

  3. So cute! I love it. We are hoping to take Bucky to class soon, maybe once he's a little more acclimated. I find myself unable to stop repeating to the honey, "Isn't he cute?" It's kind of embarrassing.

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