We’ll Always Have Santa Fe

Whenever we’d talk to people over the last couple of years about New Mexico, we’d invariably say, “I can’t believe we haven’t been back”.

The been-back refers to the fact that before we moved into The Aerie, the Beloved lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for 3+ years.  In fact, it was the place where our relationship started and blossomed.  In some ways, we’re a testament to long-distance relationships and the power of Southwest Airlines’ convenient and efficient schedules.

We like to get away.  We like to give one another little secret weekends.  And yet, we hadn’t gone back to New Mexico.  And I wonder why.  Maybe it just wasn’t time yet.  You see – for as much as we enjoyed spending time in The Land of Enchantment, it was always somewhat bittersweet.  We were living apart – and so it was always hard to fully enthusiastically embrace our times there.  It was and is a fantastic place, but we always resented it a little.

So, this year, we took the opportunity to meet some friends in Santa Fe for the weekend.  They had never been there and we thought it was a great reason to go.  As the days came closer, I think we realized that we were excited – to return together.   Santa Fe and northern New Mexico looked wonderful in all its autumnal glory and we enjoyed seeing some of our old haunts, going to the farmer's market, and eating at some of our favorite restaurants.

But my favorite time had to be when we were done for the evening, the Beloved and I would stroll home through the crisp, chilly, mostly silent streets.  Hand-in-hand, we’d review the day’s events and tomorrow’s plan.  And even when that plan was to leave, there was no sense of bitter-sweetness, because we were leaving together.

Now, of course, we can't wait to go back!

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8 thoughts on “We’ll Always Have Santa Fe

  1. Lovely post. Dan and I lived apart when I first moved to Virginia Beach for the library job, and I understand the bittersweet feeling. It allowed me to have a long goodbye to my beloved Raleigh, but it was a hard time for us since we had just gotten married. I'm glad you got to go back and enjoy the town!

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