That’s It! The World Serious!

Last night, the Halos error-ed their way out of the ALCS in a horrific 8th inning, letting the NY Yankees capture their 40th American League Pennant, defeating the Angels 4 games to 2.

That brings up the 2009 World Series against the defending Champs, the Philadelphia Phillies.  The Phillies surprised a lot of people in dispatching the supposedly improved LA Dodgers in five games (again).  It was an interesting series, because neither team hit all that well – though the Phils put up a record number of runs in a five game series scoring: 8, 1, 11, 5, and 10 runs* — due in large part to the number of bases on balls, hit batsmen and wild pitches allowed by Dodger pitchers – several of whom seemed to be doing their best Nuke LaLoosh impression.  Also, the Phils hit well with 2-out and runners on, heeding the age-old advice of the great former Oriole manager Earl Weaver: Play for the 3-run homer.

And so, it’s on to face the Evil Empire.  Most of baseball’s punditry have thought this season has been the Yankees’ to lose all year – loaded with their quarter of a billion dollar payroll.  And yet – the Yankees hardly looked invincible against either the Twins or Angels, so we shall see.  As a footnote, the Phillies and Yanks met in the WS in 1950 (NYY won 4-0) and this year the Phillies won two of three at Yankee Stadium this year during interleague play.  The Series starts Wednesday.

Play Ball!

*Guess which game they lost?

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7 thoughts on “That’s It! The World Serious!

  1. I was disappointed–I really wanted to see a "Freeway Series," but both LA teams let me down. Sigh.But at least I think it'll be a much more exciting showdown between the Phillies and the Yankees than it would've been between the Phils and the Angels. I don't have the attention span to keep up with baseball through the entire season (and since my teams of choice are the Cubs and the Braves, it would probably only depress me anyway)–not to mention Brian could not take sports being on the television so much–but I love some postseason action. Go Phillies!

  2. I could hear a piece of my heart actually breaking during that bottom of the 8th.I hate the Yankees and their cleats lined with baby harp seal fur* but damn if Andi Petitte is not one amazing pitcher. wish he played for another team* recycling a comment you made when UNC won the NCAA men's basketball title.

  3. Joie — there was an old commercial back in the day — maybe back in the days before there WAS a Joie — where Abner Doubleday (I think it's for doublemint gum) is admonished for taking the world too serious — and Doubleday exclaims — That's It! The World Serious!

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