West Coast Offensive

There’s a point in a football game when you sense that it’s over.  And after staking the home-team Chargers to a 14-point lead, the Eagles were looking to get back in the game after a very good drive that had them 1st and goal from the 1 yard line.  Yep – 3 feet away.  Naturally, Andy Reid outsmarted himself and the Chargers D by calling play action passes and fade routes – eschewing the run as always — and after three plays, the Eagles found themselves — you guessed it, 3 feet from the endzone.  David Akers kicks a field goal and a good 80 yard drive feels like a failure.

If this tune sounds familiar, it is.  Much like in their loss to Dallas at home the week before, the Eagles squandered opportunity after opportunity by being unable to convert short yardage situations.   Overall, the game was one that had to please fans of wide open offenses – each team scored five times, and after the first quarter both defenses seemed to be hanging on by a thread.   With their Red Zone woes, the Eagles scored 2 TDs and 3 FGs (all the field goals being the dreaded you-can’t-score-a-TD 25 yd or less variety).  The Chargers (who were outgained 462-331) were more efficient with their chances getting 4 TDs and 1 FG.

So, once again, another chance slips by and the Eagles sit a game behind the Cowboys (who were humbled in Green Bay and missed THEIR chance to take a hold on the NFC East) and tied with the reeling Giants had a bye.  Clearly, this is a division that might be won by default.

On the upside, the loss was made a little more bearable by making some pretzels that The Beloved and I shared in the second half.  Not surprisingly, after a few of these guys, there was little need for dinner.

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4 thoughts on “West Coast Offensive

  1. RM — he was taken out of this past game with another concussion (or something to do with the one he got a couple of weeks ago). He's never played a full season, and between the concussions and seeming a half-step slower, it's getting to be time to plan for the future — which is too bad, he's had a great career with the Eagles.

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