Do you believe in omens?

So, my sister is coming from Maryland to visit for Thanksgiving.  We did a lot of prep work this weekend to prepare, but I'm always looking for omens as to how the week might go.

Well — both Penny and my car are sick.  Penny had to take a de-wormer (ick) and my car needs new brake-pads (ka-ching).

At least Penny gets to sleep and I get to drive around in a 1-series loaner.  Now how'd they know I was eyeing up one of those….

Hope everyone has a great week!

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7 thoughts on “Do you believe in omens?

  1. Hope Penny is feeling better soon! We give Hershey & Snickers a once-a-month heart worm pill that also takes care of other worms. Not sure if this would help Penny with what she had…but thought I'd share. :-)

  2. I hope Penny is feeling better, poor girl! And I hope your week goes wonderful, Steve. Good vibes to you. We tend to run and hide during holidays anyway!

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