Decked Out

We turned what might have been a lazy Sunday into a very industrious one, getting The Aerie all decked out for Christmastime.   We had the Christmas music playing from the office while we decked the halls and trimmed the trees (our big Christmas tree and our little Monterey pine out back). Speaking of trees, we even added some Christmas cheer to the palm trees outside of our home.

Penny again wasn’t quite so sure about what this was all about, but she enjoyed snuffing the different decorations.  Certainly, all the breakable ones are out of snout and tail range.  We hope.

We finished right as the sun was setting – a perfect cap to a great day of decorating and feeling those first tinges of the Holiday Spirit… :D

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8 thoughts on “Decked Out

  1. Wow! I've always been skeptical about Christmas decorations on palm trees in balmy climates, but this is wonderful. I do also love the glowing lights on the palm, though.
    At least Penny doesn't have the cat talent of climbing Christmas trees. :P

  2. Pretty! I put some of those big outdoor ornaments on the hooks where we hang plants (which are now dead) on our front porch. I decorated the day after Thanksgiving while my family was in town, and it was a lot of fun to have everyone around while I was doing it.

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