One of my favorite piano pieces is the Schubert-Liszt lied “Der Leiermann” from the song-cycle “Winterreise” (translated as Winter Journey), which describes a man’s journey as he leaves his home and travels through a winter landscape.  “Der Leiermann” is actually the conclusion of the song-cycle.  It’s haunting and beautiful and I love playing it, though – alas – I do not sing along.

Anyway, in contrast to the past couple of Christmases, our little pack is preparing for its own Winterreise – this year, The Beloved, Penny and I are going to go to visit the Beloved’s folks for Christmas.   That’s all good, right?  Lots of people travel for the Holidays.

Ours though is going to be something we’ve never quite tried before.  We’re going by car.  To Virginia.  From California.  Google maps says it’s about 2700 miles and should take about 42 hours to get there.

We haven’t really planned it out yet, but we’re conceptualizing the trip as 5-5-5 (5 days out, 5 days there, 5 days back).   We’ll obviously take a more southerly route and keep a close eye on the Weather Channel before we make some road choices.  Penny has done well in the car (and seems to settle when we hit the freeways) but has never had to do car duty like this.

Fortunately, we have a Garmin and wi-fi enabled devices and lots of websites that cater to finding pet-friendly lodgings.  Hopefully, we won’t need to stay in any mangers.

And so, I put it to you:

We leave in two weeks!

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10 thoughts on “Winterreise

  1. I've heard this performed by my cohort in music school – I almost melted. It's so perfect. Thanks for reminding me.
    Are you taking breaks? My friend Bones and I drove from MA to SD without stopping and it was torture. Fell asleep several times. The "good" news is it's 65 degrees here so at least some chance that some places will stay snow free.

  2. Wow, good luck! I did a similar trip in 2004, except from Boston to San Diego, and with a boxer. It wasn't bad, and the dog did really well, just slept a lot. If you don't want to ride with a crate, you can also get a dog seat belt, which will enable Penny to see out the window, too. If you're in a jam, all Motel 6 properties are dog-friendly, I believe. I hope you can squeeze in some sight-seeing along the way!

  3. Exciting!!!! And of course, if your journey brings you anywhere near the Birmingham area, you know you are obligated to pay a visit to your dear friends in Alabama…. :)

  4. If I could drive from California to the east coast with a 1 year old (after flying in a air force plane with him from Hawaii) you can certainly get through this trip with Penny.

  5. Wow, that music is gorgeous, I'm just on my second run through of it now.
    I hope the road trip is fantastic for you. I took my stuffed toy tiger on a forty hour (one way) road trip, and he did really well… uh, yeah.

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