Not Just For Breakfast

So, for the last week or so, Penny's been dealing with the after effects of picking up an infection after having worms (ick).  But after a couple of days of antibiotics, she seemed to be doing pretty well.  And today was the first day back on the mountain after having had her put on a steady diet of bland food, antibiotics (which she will eat disguised in Gruyere cheese — that's right — not cheese slices, not cheese sticks, not peanut butter, Gruyere) and boring old leash walks.

She had a great time and ran and ran and ran.  As we were heading home, she still had plenty of energy and ran way ahead and I called her back.  She came running with something being lightly chewed in her mouth.  I think — oh great, worm-filled coyote poop.  She comes up and I tell her, "Drop It!" and (somewhat surprisingly) she does.  Expecting to see some half-masticated turd, I look down and there is what is pretty clearly something's liver.  About 3" by 2" with what I was pretty sure was the gall bladder port still attached.  Mmmmm….yummy!

I think maybe it was a rabbit's — though it seemed a little big (though honestly I don't know how big a rabbit's liver is…) — maybe it was from a raccoon?

Anyway, Penny got some treats for dropping on command — which I doubt were as appetizing as that liver, and she seemed quite pleased with herself all morning.

Happy Friday!

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