Early Season on Christmas

With our upcoming cross-country adventure looming, the
Beloved and I decided to celebrate our own Christmas a little early this
weekend.  On Saturday, we stayed in
our jammies, opened our stockings and exchanged gifts.  Penny got her first stocking and was
excited to find a couple of new toys and a few treats.

We said no tv or computer and we stayed in, lit the
fireplace, listened to Christmas music and read.  The weather cooperated for such a day by providing a much
too rare all-day rain.  Pretty much
a perfect day.

The Christmas feast this year was a Bobby Flay recipe that
we’d decided on – a veritable mouthful: Pan Seared Duck with Red Chile Pear
Sauce, Bourbon-Brown Sugar-Asian Pear Relish and Potato-Blue Cheese Cakes.  We had it with an excellent Novy Family

This week is busy with a lot of prep and packing.  I did stop by AAA today while I was out
and scored this important travel aide:

We hit the road in THREE DAYS!

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7 thoughts on “Early Season on Christmas

  1. As always Penny is soooo photogenic. Glad you have had one nice Holiday!I'm sure you are going to have a great Cross Country trip. One thing I used to love about being a ravel nurse was the moving aroudn with the dog. Got to see some really fun places.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day! Penny is adorable as usual. We're going to my parents' house this year for Christmas, and I'm really looking forward to it. This whole marriage thing means I don't get to do my usual traditions every year, and it makes them all the more fun when I get them.

  3. Having a day just to lay about… <sigh> I recall those days. Soon to return, I hope. How wonderful for the two of you. I recall when we went to New Orleans, we took our two Pomeranians in the RV. It worked out pretty well. Just had to stop a little more often for walks and potty breaks though. They actually came and sat up in the front with us. The little side window is near the floor level and they kept looking out.
    The other sat in his bed on the dash, in the front window, just watching it all go by. It was a lot of fun. I'm trying hard to get the wife to agree to go full time in the RV and sell the house…

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