Penny’s Big Adventure

For a dog that hadn’t ridden for more than an hour at a time in a car during her whole life, Penny did really well adapting to the trials of a travel dog.  She pretty quickly clued into the “I’m out of the car, so I better take care of business” aspect of life on the road.

During the driving, she would sleep in the back, or gnaw at a rope, or just sort of look around.  When she felt lonely she’d stand on backseat and lean forward to put her head on our shoulders so that we would scratch her head and give her some love.

When we would leave the car to eat, Penny rarely settled down though – she would remain on constant alert for our return.  Usually staring at the place where we’d disappeared from, waiting for our return.  We were always greeted with a pointer-head seeking us out from the backseat.

She also got to sample all sorts of new environments that she’d never seen before during her life here in Southern California.  Desert dogparks made of dirt and gravel.  Single-digit morning temperatures in a field behind our hotel in Oklahoma.  The joy of chasing Canada geese in Arkansas.  A somewhat confusing stop at the Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo (I don’t think she quite knew what to make of it, but there was a lot of trash to sniff).  Figuring out how to walk in deep snow during a detour so that we could see The Beloved’s alma mater, The University of Virginia.  That’s a lot of growing up for a pup.

When we finally got back – she ran all around the house and seemed super excited to be home.  On the day after we got home, we took a nice long neighborhood walk and then Penny got down to the serious business of being back at The Aerie.

Good girl.

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7 thoughts on “Penny’s Big Adventure

  1. I think Penny and Sam would be best friends. The three of you should come to Baltimore sometime. :) We can eat at Miss Shirley's and it'll be awesome.

  2. awww awesome. Great blog and pics.I love the last picture, Penny is just like us. It's fun on the road but its so relaxing and such a relief when you get back.

  3. Wonderful to read about Penny's exciting adventures! I liked your observation 'That’s a lot of growing up for a pup' :) It looks like all of you had a wonderful time, especially Penny!

  4. Sam and Penny would be fast-friends, I'm sure! She loves all dogs to start with and a special guy like Sam? No problem. Yes — we will almost assuredly be through the Midlantic sometime in the future — we pushed off too many entreaties from friends and family on this trip…

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