2009 Favorites — Photos

With getting back from the big trip over the holidays and getting things back up and running at The Aerie, I haven't had much chance to do something that I have enjoyed in the past couple of years — reviewing some of my favorite things from the past year.  Now, I know that in this short attention-span world that looking back at 2009 was SO last week, but I want to try and get my thoughts out over the next week or so.

First up, photos.  I didn't really like my photos as much as in previous years, but there were a few that I really liked.
I really liked this one from a grey day in on the Lost Coast in Sonoma County, California in February.  It was an awesome blustery, cloudy day.  That picture is in color.
I really liked these backlit jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in May.
Fog was rolling in on the Pacific Coast Highway along Big Sur during a time there in May.
Our new pup Penny the Pointer cautiously explores her new backyard at The Aerie.  May.
Living fossils.  A horseshoe crab beached on an empty stretch of the shore of the Delaware Bay in August.
About to collide with a very excited dachshund at Dog Beach in Coronado, California.  September.
Okay — so maybe it wasn't too bad of a year.

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