Last Night’s Big Winner

We don't usually watch too many award shows (because they take so long usually), but we did spend a little time watching The Golden Globes last night.  As with most such shows, there were a couple of high-points.  I decided that the big winner last night was Jennifer Anniston.

Clearly, being 40+ agrees with her.

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9 thoughts on “Last Night’s Big Winner

  1. She is absolutely gorgeous. Really nice legs. and she is a sweatheart from what I hear. I met her very very briefly on the set of Marley and Me. My husband was on the crew and he said she was very friendly, classy, and basically what you would expect her to be. Her sweet persona really is her.

  2. I think she looks FABULOUS. I'm sure you heard about that jerk-blogger who was saying that she, Courtney Cox Arquette and Kate Hudson were looking fat. Well, not in those words, but that's what the person meant. I mean, REALLY?! What is WRONG with these people? All three of the ladies looked beautiful. And thinner than the average woman, so I don't know what the beef was all about.

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