Who Are “Adam & Eve”?

Well, that was some pretty entertaining football yesterday.  We have more family and friends that are Minnesota Vikings fans, but they all had to know that THE Brett Favre thing was going to happen.  It really was only a matter of when.   Sorry about all the fumbles, too.  Now you know what it's like to have been an Eagles fan this decade.  Welcome.
Anyway, let's talk about the biggest television even in February.  No, not the Super Bowl.  No, not The Winter Olympics.  I'm talking about the premiere of the final season of LOST.  Yep, here it comes and after last year's big fade to white, you have the sense that ANYTHING can happen.  To suggest that I'm looking forward to it is to suggest that Peyton Manning doesn't mind doing commercials.

But I don't want to spend time speculating on what plot twists might occur.  I want to discuss one of the enduring “I Want To Knows” from early on.  Think way back to Season 1 – when we thought there might be dinosaurs or they were in purgatory – and at one point Jack discovers two skeletons in the cave near where the castaways find fresh water.  The skeletons (a man and a woman, henceforth known as Adam and Eve) hold two stones: one black, one white.  Judging from the decomposition of their clothes, they are probably 30-50 years dead.  Jack takes the stones and in a following episode, the bodies are laid to rest.  As far as I know, he's never given them to anyone else.
Okay:  so who are they?

Jack and Kate:  Despite all the ups and downs, we know these two were fated to be together.  For some reason, they are in the past and choose (or are forced) to stay on the island where they die together.  The irony of Jack finding his own body is pretty good.
Sawyer and Kate:  Despite all the ups and downs, we know THESE two were fated to be together.  Insert the rest here.  The irony of Jack finding Sawyer and Kate (still together after all those years!) is pretty good.
Jack and Juliet:  I like Juliet a LOT more than I ever liked Kate and maybe these crazy kids find a way to be together.  Somehow, the end of Season 5 makes that seem unlikely to me.

Sawyer and Juliet:  I like Juliet a LOT more than I ever liked Kate – and I like Jack a LOT more than I like Sawyer, so I really didn't like seeing these two play house.  But still, they said they were happy and were ready to have a life together.  Maybe they find a way back to one another.
Ben and Juliet:  Ben always did have a thing for her.  And I felt bad for not having him on the list.
Rose and Bernard:  Towards the end of last season, this married couple (one black, one white – get it?) decided they were “done” with all the shenanigans on the island and just wanted to live out the rest of their lives (which they've seen as a gift) together on the island.  They might have been bounced back in time for the castaways to find when 815 went down.
Sun and Jin:  Separated by time and space and once thought to be widowed and none too happy about it, that Sun is a pretty resourceful young lady.  Does she find the way back to Jun?    And do they become (or choose) to stay together.  If so, what happens to their kid?
Daniel and Charlotte:  Before getting gunned down by Mommie Dearest, I thought of all the folks that might have been able to negotiate the pitfalls of time and space, it might have been Daniel.  You can imagine him going back to a time when the both of them are still alive and “hiding” together on the island.  I can see Dan doing that.  Charlotte?  Not so much.
“Other” hypothesis:  So these are the ones that came to me.  Any other possibilities that you can think of?

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13 thoughts on “Who Are “Adam & Eve”?

  1. Even though I don't love Kate (or Jack, really, for that matter), you're right — they will probably end up together. As skeletons. In a cave.

  2. My husband didn't watch Lost. And I think I'm about the only person in Australia who still watches it. Everyone went off it and the past two seasons they put on at 11pm. However, he decided he'd start watching it so has been going through the dvd series. He kept asking me about the stones but I'd forgotten all about them actually.
    I was not happy about the Juliette situation I must say and would have happily watched Kate get sucked down that hole instead.
    Don't forget Penny and Desmond – can't remember what they were up to.

  3. I kinda thought it was Rose and Bernard last season, but yeah, it's probably Kate and Jack. Even though I'd rather it not be. They were both really grating on my nerves by the end of last season.

  4. Ugh, see this is why I needed to go back and rewatch the whole series–I'd completely forgotten about this! For all my complaining about LOST, I actually enjoy it so long as I'm watching it on DVD or something… it's the slowness of watching in-season that drives me especially mad.I put in a vote for Jack and Kate–since we assume Jack still has the stones. Hey, maybe it's Sayid and …whatever Boone's sister was? Charlie and Claire? Or what I'd most love: Hugo and Libby? Who says we have to rule out the dead here? :)

  5. cat— that's right — as I recall Penny and Desmond were off the island at the end of last season, but there's nothing to suggest that they couldn't get back ON the island. I forgot about them!

  6. Okay, although I voted for Jack and Kate in the poll, I think I'm going to have to say that after discussing this with a friend today, he and I have decided that Rose and Bernard are more likely explanations–since they were so far from the energy pocket when the explosion happened, we wonder if they would've been killed (by the explosion or radiation) while everyone near the Magical Island Energy source will have survived.And hey, Brian's the one who got me started on LOST. :)

  7. Man, I'm excited that this show is back. The first couple episodes of this season have made for a satisfying beginning. I really don't like Kate much, so I don't mind if she's one of the skeletons, lol. Somehow I think the other would be Sawyer, in that case, not Jack. But oh well. Even as I say it I know I'm way off mark.The actor who plays Ben is terrific isn't he? I think Ben and Desmond are my favourite actors on the show.

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