New Routines

So, Penny and I have a new regular weekday routine.
A few of you may know, but last month I started working at a start-up biotech company that a couple of colleagues and I are trying to get off the ground.  At the end of last year, we were scouting lab space and getting enough funding to pay the rent on that.
In January, we moved into some pretty nice space near the Torrey Pines Golf Course and started setting up shop.  There are four of us (only one of us is getting paid, and it’s not me…) in about 1500 sq ft of lab space.  One of the upsides of a terrible local biotech economy and so many companies laying-off and out-right closing down is the abundance of cheap (sometimes so cheap, it’s free) scientific equipment.   That’s really helped us get set up fairly quickly.  In the last couple of weeks, experiments have gotten under way in earnest.

However, for me to go into the lab everyday is a big change for Penny.  Her whole time with us, I’ve been home (more or less).  Now, she is going to have to learn to be a “workday dog”.  We certainly didn’t want to crate her for 8+ hours and so we have gotten a tall gate to block her into the family-room-kitchen area.  I’ve been steadily increasing my time out of the house, and so far, so good.  Nothing gnawed to pieces and no “presents” waiting for me when I get back.
Sometimes, it’s hard to leave in the morning though, since I see this:

And then when I get home, I see this:

Now, I’m hoping that she just doesn’t stand there all day waiting for me to get back – I’m sure she relents at some point and settles in (but notice that the toys by the bowls have not moved…).   Maybe we’ll have to install a “Pennycam”, so I can watch her during the day.
When I get home though it’s a joyful reunion and I reward her with a walk and a chance to stretch her legs and run on the mountain, which she really enjoys.

Long car trips and new routines, this pup sure sees pretty adaptable!  Good girl.

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23 thoughts on “New Routines

  1. A Pennycam would be great! Should be plenty of options for you if you have a webcam at home. Been a while since I've looked, but there are apps that will do motion detection and email you, or stream when motion is detected, etc. Another option is a wireless G/N camera you set up on your home wireless network….sheesh I am a geek. :-)

  2. When my first dog, Pepper the pug, who's now about 11 (I think?) used to be left home, I swear she didn't move… she'd be sitting in the corner when I left, and sitting there when I came back…I felt horrible. Of course my solution was twofold… take her to work with me and get another dog. ;) Now I have three, but one was not my fault I swear. But Pepper moves around a lot more now, so the second dog (parsley the mini dox) helped (I think?)I also vote in favor of a Pennycam… and 2 or 3 sets of toys that you can alter every couple of days.

  3. What an exciting new adventure for you! Penny will be just fine. Get her some toys to occupy her. Kong has some nice toys where she has to find the treat. Somebody told me to save the last of my peanut butter and to give it as a treat for the dogs. I saved two. Mac ate part of his jar.

  4. Wow, a belated congratulations!! I was wondering what was brewing…. sounds really cool. I felt bad in the beginning when I had to leave Bucky, too, but don't worry, Penny's totally fine. When I work from home I see what Bucky does all day… he basically finds sunny spots and lays in them, sleeping most of the time. I leave toys out but he's just not into them (unless they're filled with peanut butter). It's good for Penny to adapt to all kinds of different situations… especially if you guys want to go on an extended vacation in the future!

  5. This is a tough one. They never understand why you would leave and not take them. For a pack animal I think it's the ultimate rejection – probably brings up species memory of what it means when an animal is abandoned by the pack. I mean, they eventually learn that you come back at the end of the day, but still they do NOT get it, and it's one of the big reasons I don't have a dog right now.

    So but congrats on the work thing otherwise!

  6. jim — we do have a good wireless system in the house, so I think a cam would be pretty easy to set up. She's got a pretty adoring public — there could be a lot of subscribers!

  7. Mark — our old dog Eutaw pretty much slept through the day, so we didn't feel that badly, but these are the schedules that "working dogs" learn to keep. As a young dog, we make sure she gets plenty of running in the morning and when we get back.

  8. No — not very dog-friendly at all! We have a balcony off the side of where our space is. It's conceivable that I could set up a little "dog run" there, but she'd still have to be by herself and outside. I don't know that that would be a lot of fun.

  9. No — not very dog-friendly at all! We have a balcony off the side of where our space is. It's conceivable that I could set up a little "dog run" there, but she'd still have to be by herself and outside. I don't know that that would be a lot of fun.

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