Happy Birthday, Penny!!

It’s a special day here at The Aerie.  Today is the youngest member of our pack’s 1st birthday.  Happy Birthday Penny!

I know we weren’t there when you were a squeaking little puppy, but you were here soon afterwards – and we sure have learned a lot about each other in the past year.

One of the best things is that in our house there are really only two rules:
1. We always come back to each other.
2. Don’t poop in the house.

I like to think you’ve had a good first year.  You’ve helped around the house, and provided musical inspiration and helped me with happy hour.

You’ve done great learning what to do and what not to do on our walks both on the mountain and on the beach.  You passed Family Dog 1 with flying colors and easily adapted to becoming a cross-country road-trip dog!

After the sadness of saying goodbye to our old, brown dog, I wasn’t sure what having a new dog in the house would be like.  But you’ve pretty easily wiggled and wagged your way into our hearts and it’s hard to imagine The Aerie without you anymore.

So, Happy Birthday Penny!  Here’s to many more! Good girl!

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22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Penny!!

  1. Happy Birthday!Jenna's is next week. I just bought her gifts today (Detroit Tigers collar, dental chews, and some boots for the snow which my husband is probably going to kill me about!)

  2. I said my birthday wishes on FB, but I have to say…what a wonderful dog! She's so photogenic…and she seems so happy! I'm sure you're just as much a blessing to her as she is to you! Happy Birthday Penny Girl!

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