The Friday [5], 19 February 2010

Cori had started doing The Friday [5] on her wordpress book blog and I’m always looking for a good prompt for ideas for posts.
Five things in books, media, pop culture that I’m digging right now.
1. LOST.  There’s a longer post about this coming pretty soon.  I think they’ve done a really good job getting this season out of the blocks.  The flash-sideways was a fantastic way to move past the flash-backs and forwards.  I have a theory about the Epic Struggle, but I’ll save that for a later post.
2. Olympics.  Each time, I say I’m not going to really watch them, because I don’t want to be hypocritical because I don’t regularly watch these sports.  And then I watch.  And get all choked up when I see some American girl with pink hair belt out the Star Spangled-Banner on the medal stand.  It’s even better with a DVR to ff-past Bob Costas.

3. Social media.  I sort of like Google Buzz, which made my long-time anti-Twitter stance somewhat hollow.  Enhance my twitter self esteem and Follow Me!   
4. Suzanne Vega.  The Beloved and I went to see her at this really cool venue at UCSD.  About 100 seats and it served treats and wine.  It was her on acoustic guitar, a guy on electric guitar, and another guy on bass.  She was fantastic and the sparse accompaniment lent itself well to her voice and thoughtful, wry songwriting. 

5. I supposed there ought to be something about books.  Yesterdays Booking Through Thursday asked whether we’d read any books about Olympians.  At the time I thought I hadn’t, but then I remembered that Andre Agassi had won a Gold Medal for the United States in tennis in 1996 and that I had finished his autobiography “Open” last month.
Open: An Autobiography
Andre Agassi

“Open” is a great read for anyone that loves tennis, but it’s more than that.  It’s a very honest (or seemingly so) examination of what it’s like to be a child prodigy and have your life path decided for you when you’re 7-years old.  The book simultaneously asks you to put yourself in his shoes (How would you handle it?) and perhaps more importantly, his parents’ shoes (What would you do to make your kid a “Champion”?)  Particularly good reading this week watching Olympians who have sacrificed an lot of their youth to participate in the Games. 

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14 thoughts on “The Friday [5], 19 February 2010

  1. Enjoyed reading your 'Friday 5' :) Interesting to know that you have got into Twitter (finally) :)Nice to read your review of Agassi's autobiography. I didn't like him much when he started his career, but ended up liking him after his great rivalry with Sampras started and when many times during the second half of his career, he was having a bad year or was unseeded and came back to win grand slams. I got this book last month and am hoping to read it soon.

  2. Wait, did Suzanne Vega sing Tom's Diner? Or Luca?So I never started watching Lost, so jumping in now wouldn't make sense for me. Do you think it's worth renting it from the first season? I'm pretty curious about the show.I'm kinda bummed I miss the Olympics opening ceremonies. Btw, the honey says we look like the Olympic mascots this year (Quatchi and Miga).

  3. Like your Friday 5. :)I love Suzanne Vega. I should see her live. :)I haven't watched ANY of the Olympics this year… which is weird because I love watching figure skating. hehe. Also, I love the Olympics mascots this year (done by Meomi… I LOVE THEIR STUFF)Still anti-twitter… Sorry. hehe.

  4. I have not really been able to watch the Olympics this year, too busy with the houseguest and such I suppose, but I really love to watch….last night I camped out on the air bed in front of the tv and sadly simply fell asleep at 9 pm at 2 am I woke to the late night coverage and saw a brief moment of mens skeleton racing…My only "complaint" if you will about the coverage is that I wish they would talk to and interview people who are participating in the games with no hope of a medal. The people who place 22nd…. they sacrificed to be there and will gain nothing in endorsements for their participation. I'd love to learn their motivations….

  5. Katie — I would LOVE to hear those stories too. Clearly, those athletes aren't out for "fame" and I would love to hear the motivations. Maybe it's just a chance to participate.

  6. We're enjoying the Olympics this year – skiing, snowboarding, speed skating…although I seem to have missed the pink hair, which sport was that for?
    Thanks for the Twitter idea!

  7. I've been a big fan of Suzanne Vega since I was a kid. Fancy Poultry and Marlene on the Wall made me want to learn guitar. Bert Jansch playing Angie made me buy one. The rest, as they say, is history!

  8. Thanks, Steve. They look so different without their monkey suits (just kidding, I like some of the fashions this year) – strangely we haven't watched the medal ceremonies this year. Not sure why. We did watch the moguls but my knees hurt just watching them.

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