So You Think You Can Show?

This past weekend, Penny got to participate in her second dog show, which was a really big two-day one that was held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.   We’d told the breeders that we would enter her in nearby shows to increase the number of pointers in the show, which can help get more points for the winners.

Now, we weren’t expecting a whole lot – we hadn’t practiced with Penny on how to stand and all that stuff that happens in a show.  When we got to the ring, Penny seemed a little bewildered at all the activity.

But when she got in the ring, she actually did pretty well.  On the first day, she won a blue ribbon and a judge’s reserve, losing to a dog that another owner was trying to “finish” – everyone thought that Penny got jobbed.  I’m sure the end of the Olympics kept it off the web, but the hall was definitely abuzz.
On the second day though, she did really well – I was reminding her to “Be The Ring…”  and she beat that other dog and went onto the final group – a pretty big deal.  She didn’t win in that group (among females, she was beaten by her cousin Gabi who’s already a champion) – but she seemed to enjoy it.

She ended up with another blue ribbon and a “Winners” ribbon (and a point).  I’m not sure how many more shows we’ll get in before she gets – you know – err… spayed – but we’ll see.
When we came home, she got to go run on the hillside – something we’d had to resist her doing since we couldn’t let her get dirty before the shows.  Personally, I think she’d rather run there than around a ring.  

She even found something to point at in the brush.
Afterwards though, she was pretty tuckered out and got in some serious couch time.  Some while I was reading and some while I wasn’t.

Atta girl!

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14 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Show?

  1. Hannah — we think about tennis balls for Penny, but she's much more of a "chaser" than a "retriever" and I'm afraid the hillside would be littered with tennis balls!

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