Some of you may recall the picture of Black Mesa in New Mexico that we purchased last month to go on the wall by the piano.  When that arrived we wanted to take it to get framed and realized that we had a large build-up of other things that we also wanted to get framed.
So, a couple of weeks ago we went to our favorite framers in town and took part in what can only be called Frame-a-palooza!  I think that one of the coolest parts about getting things framed is picking out the frame and the matting that can both highlight the art as well as go with the house – the Beloved says I have a better eye for color, but I’m not sure.
What were the other things?  I thought you’d never ask.
As many of you know, I like birds and especially the California Quail that occasionally visit our yard* and so one of the Christmas presents that I received this year was this:

Every time I see it, this print just makes me happy.  And who can’t love a quail with running shoes on?  I also really like the white beaded frame for this piece.
Next up are a pair of prints that The Beloved had for a while and we just kept forgetting to get framed.  Rabbits In a Marshmallow Tree and Sleeping Under a Marshmallow Tree.

Of the two, I have to say I have a soft spot for the little guy tucked in his bed.
Then comes Cecil.  Cecil was another Christmas present from the Beloved.  Cecil is of course an Electrical Avian Mercenary and Mechanized Murder Fury!

I particularly love that he apparently excretes “bionic poop” and is composed of “science” — but with a "real bird heart".  And dig the snakeskin-ish frame.  This is SO going up in my lab. 
Finally, another gift from The Beloved to me – a pointer puppy painting (say that several times fast).  She swears up and down that this is not a commissioned Penny Portrait and that somewhere in the vast reaches of the internet is some dude that specializes in portraying pointer puppies with paint.  Pretty darn good likeness though.

Anybody got a favorite?
Hang-a-palooza should commence this weekend!
* and sometimes even the inside of our house…

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11 thoughts on “Frame-a-palooza!

  1. You guys have the coolest art!! I'm in love with both Cecil and the bunnies. Nice work getting them framed. I've found some inexpensive frames at tag sales, but I tend to go for the standard umber frame. Mixing colors is tricky.

  2. Not-Penny is my favorite, but all of them are pretty awesome. When I move into my house this fall, I'm going to commission more photography from you. Everyone LOVES the shot of the branches I had blown up to 18×20 and framed.

  3. Bunnies in a marshmallow tree? I think I just overdosed on cuteness. Libby would love that in her bedroom. But then, Libby spends no time in her bedroom — always sleeps in mine — so I don't think she deserves nice things! :)
    You did a great job picking complementary frames and mats. I always find that part quite difficult. Too many options, not enough decisiveness.

  4. Thanks Hannah — to me it's a very intuitive process in which you check out a few and then go with the one that's "right" — because you can take an awful lot of time trying to find the "perfect" one.

  5. I love them all. My favorite is "Electrical Avian Mercenary and Mechanized Murder Fury!"
    Thank you for hanging something other than a reproduction Monet over your sofa. It makes the artist in me happy.

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