Friday Drabble: +1

So, for a couple of weeks, Ross has been doing a Friday Drabble (or two).  A drabble is a 100-word piece of fiction.  I sort of liked the idea and have an hour incubation so why not.



“Add as friend” seemed so easy.  She scrutinized the thumbnail picture. Him.  It was blurry, but she thought he looked pretty good.  Wow.  Should she really open this door again?  She’d heard lots of anecdotes of old flames re-kindling things through Facebook.  Who knew?  Wasn’t it worth a click?  She could always “unfriend” him if it was too strange.

She hesitated… if he was suggested to her, wasn’t it likely that SHE was suggested for HIM?  Huh. Then why hadn’t he added her already?  Didn’t he want the chance to reconnect?!?  Of course! Just like him — always so self-absorbed.

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