Friday Drabble: Sunday Morning

This week’s Friday Drabble is based on a story you might have heard before…

Sunday Morning

It’d seemed like they were finally getting this grassroots thing going.  And it all went so wrong so fast.  First, that bastard Jude sold them out to the Feds.  Treason!?!  Who the hell was he kidding?  A whirlwind kangaroo court “trial” and Josh was strapped to a table getting a needle in his arm.

The Movement? Wrecked. Frightened. Hiding.  He’d barely dodged some reporters the night of the execution.  He’d heard Jude ate his gun yesterday over the guilt.  What a disaster.  At least Maria was heading over to collect Josh’s body from the morgue today.

Peter’s cell phone rang.

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11 thoughts on “Friday Drabble: Sunday Morning

  1. OK, I followed the link and read about drabble. So, is that story in and of itself? Or do you continue them? Because I find that, after reading that, I want to know much more. Surely it does not just end there?

  2. When was the last time you just read the crux of a story when reading a book? But I see what you are saying. That must be what Drabble's are about. I can appreciate that, even though I would like to know more about the story.

  3. (FS and I are having a pleasant chat about this offline and the following amusing story came up.)My Dad was a good man, diligent and hard-working. He was deeply conservative and somewhat strict but I have no doubt he loved his children. Although he was of about average intelligence, he took three attempts to pass Matriculation English. (One has to remember though, that most people left school one or two years earlier than matriculation, which back then was specialized toward entry into university. In addition, the educational standards in those days were no doubt higher than now.)We lived in a small, country town and the nearest cinema was a drive-in about 20 miles away. Occasionally, the family of six would get rugged up for a kind of nocturnal picnic and drive off around sunset for a couple of movies.On one evening, the main attraction was West Side Story. I guess it was about 1964/65 and I was nearly 10 years old. A few minutes into the movie, a "rumble" (knife-fight) developed. My Dad didn't approve of anything like gangs, so he hung-up the speaker, rolled up the window and drove us home. We hadn't seen enough of the movie perhaps for him to have figured out that West Side Story is a modern remake of a classic of English literature: Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and is also a classic in its own right.(Well, as I write this, I have to think that West Side was not suitable viewing for the 4 kids in the car, (ages 4 through 10), and my Dad was no doubt justified in pulling the plug.) Nevertheless, I am pretty sure my Dad never realized the connection between West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet and I have always regretted that I did not then get to see the whole film.(I think I have only ever walked out on one film in my life and that was David Lynch's, Blue Velvet.)

  4. I remember walking out of "Fatal Attraction" during the last few minutes. I dislike that type of movie and my sister tricked me into going by telling me it was a comedy. I was not a child but I still thought the movie was horrid and finally, when it came to the rabbit being put into the boiling water, I was out of there. She was my older sister so she got away with a lot, where I was concerned.

  5. (I have mercifully blanked out the rabbit. Just remember the knife…)I took my kid brother to see a movie in the 70s. It was Monty Python's, The Quest for The Holy Grail. It had had its run and was only still playing in a arty theater. Around about the scene of the battle with the Black Knight, ("None shall pass!!"), people started to walk out. From there until the end of the movie, there were dribs of people filing out of the theater throughout the movie, leaving the theater pretty empty and lonely by the end. We enjoyed it, though, and have of course been vindicated by posterity. ;)

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