Back to the Beach

One of our great joys of our old dog Eutaw’s life was retrieving bumpers out of the ocean (she was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, afterall…).  So, one thing that we’ve been curious about was whether Penny the Pointer would show much interest in similar activities.
We’ve gone to dog beach lots of times, but usually that’s been an excuse to run with other dogs.  She’s been showing a lot more interest in retrieving things (tennis balls, toys, etc) and so after a long winter of rains and washed out beaches, we went back to dog beach on Saturday to see if she would retrieve a bumper.
We started with ones just thrown along the beach – and she did great!  (Though like any princess, she didn’t like to grab the sandy parts.  Ick.)

Once she got what we were doing, she got VERY excited to play…

Then we started throwing the bumper into the water a little bit – and she got those too! (And with not too much trepidation which was good – someone’s still a little unsure about the waves…)

Finally, I tossed it out a little farther and everything was good until she hit a deep part that surprised her.  She waited for the tide to bring that one back to her (which I guess shows she’s pretty smart).

All in all, a great day!

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11 thoughts on “Back to the Beach

  1. So fun!! Great photos as ususal, it really captures the moment. She looks super healthy too. I like that she figured out the wave action, that's quite cool.

  2. The bumper is the little rubber tube you hang on the side of a boat to protect it when it's in a dock. They come in different sizes and the small ones that are 10-12" long are great for dogs to retrieve… :)

  3. I love that she knew to wait for it to come back on a wave!
    And Kelly asked the same question I had so I don't have to. Us landlubbers……. :)

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