Penny’s Mountain Adventures

One of the reasons we chose to go to the Eastern Sierra last week and not one of the region’s more well known “west-side” destinations (Yosemite or Sequoia) is that dog’s aren’t allowed in National Parks.  But it turns out they ARE allowed in National Forests – and the Eastern Sierra region seemed like it was nearly one giant National Forest.  Though we were a little disturbed to see that some public areas apparently had something against white dogs.  The nerve!

Now, Penny has had a lot of off-leash experience, but mostly it’s been restricted to the hill that The Aeries sits on, dog beaches, and the occasional empty baseball field.  This was going to be something different altogether – out in the wild, in areas that we didn’t know.  Why a pointer with a good head of steam might be able to run all the way to Reno before we caught up with her.
How’d she do?  For the most part, she did great – it took a little bit of practice (for both dog and humans) to see how far we’d let her range before calling her back, as well as us figuring out when she became enough reptile brained that we should really leash her back up.  After we had a handle on that, it was all joy in the open spaces!
Some firsts included:
Running in snow!
Experiencing the chill of a clear mountain lake…

Hiking above 10000 ft among ancient trees…

Striking a pose before the grandeur of the Sierras…

Splashing through a mountain stream!

You can be assured that Penny had a great time – and every night, when we returned to our little cabin, she looked pretty much like this.

I wonder where our next Pack Road Trip will be!?!?

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19 thoughts on “Penny’s Mountain Adventures

  1. What wonderful pictures. Penny enjoyed her time there as much as you did!! I love seeing her run in the snow. I wonder what she thought it was. And the splashing in the water is a terrific picture. I love the majestic post she struck in front of the mountain views. You got some really great pictures. These need to be framed and hung on your wall!

  2. Compliments on the entire set of eastern Sierra vacation posts! Brought back so many fond memories, esp. of backpacking the John Muir Trail, I had tears in my eyes! The Sheepherder bread at Schat's is fantastic, as is some of the local beef jerky (not sure if they still sell it on the side of the road). Last time I was there the area had become quite developed. There are some terrific hot springs outside of Mammoth—

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