Friday Drabble: Steve Versus The Volcano

I'm a little late with this week's drabble, but we're getting ready to hit the road — well, the skies — again.  Remember, a drabble is a very short story of exactly 100 words.  Feel free to join in and write your own 100 word stories on Fridays, and tag them with “friday drabble”.  Link to them in the comments here, or on Twitter with the hashtag #fridaydrabble.  

Steve Versus The Volcano
He looked around for his bisphenol-A free HDPE water bottle and ensured the resistance of the reverse osmosis water purification system read a steady 18.2 megaohms.
His water bottle filled, he proceeded to copiously apply his UVA/UVB blocking sunscreen (SPF45), concentrating on worrisome areas like where his extra durable wick-away socks might slide down and expose his lower calf.
He examined his GPS, double-checking that the house, the hospital, and the trails they might hike were all input.  Finally, he donned his wide-brimmed sunblocking hat. 
As they left for Mauna Loa, he was glad that he was a rugged Southern Californian.

We're off to Hawaii for a couple of weeks — internet may or may not be available.  ALOHA!

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7 thoughts on “Friday Drabble: Steve Versus The Volcano

  1. His GPS stopped working as suddenly there was a massive sunspot eruption. Which set off the volcano too. He muttered, "oh, shit" and dug frantically in his backpack for his compass…and realised he forgot to pack his sunscreen. They were in the cabin, on the side of the mountain, and the power had gone out. All was dark, even though it was mid-day, from the thick volcano dust in the air. The humidity was stifling without the a/c. He heard strange noises and hoped it was from frogs who had made their way inside, seeking refuge from the volcano dust. Suddenly there was light in the room. His wife was staring at him with that flat glaze of annoyance, one eyebrow up, her wind-up flashlight in her hand. He smiled and reminded himself that her instinctive survival skills were just one of the reasons he had married her.

  2. Have fun on the world's tallest mountain! And remember not to take the lava or Pele will get you! (Amusing sidelight – in the myth of Pele, she visits the islands in roughly the order that they were formed.)

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