Hawaiian Fortnight: Around the House

One of the things you (meaning “I”) worry about the most when buying something on the internet is that maybe the product isn’t quite as advertised.  This is especially worrisome with lodging – almost all hotels look great on their websites, but what about in reality, right?  The same is most assuredly true with vacation house rentals, because if you’re traveling far enough, you typically can’t go check them out before renting.
Well, any apprehension we might have had about The Bluewater House on the Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii were put aside on Day 1 of our vacation (from which we just returned).  In a way, I think the house might have been better than advertised – I thought some of the pics made it look austere, but it was really very comfortable.

You might recall this vacation has been planned with friends of The Beloved’s from graduate school – and so there were seven of us in the house – five adults and two kids (15 and 9) – and it worked out great – the big open design allowed for breezes to flow through the house all day.

Of course, though, we spent most of our “home” time sitting out on the lanai – having coffee, watching the waves, reading, having breakfast dessert (those poor kids had never heard of breakfast dessert), planning our days, having happy hour, watching the sunset.

One thing I noticed about the Bluewater is that there sure were a lot of animals around the house.  On day 2, spinner dolphins apparently did a cirque du soleil style show right off the house.  Where’s the picture of that you might ask?  Well, that happened while I was (ahem) at Costco.  And while we were able to see dolphins again, they were never quite so close, or playful.  Nice.

But there were also cute red-headed birds (which the kids named Smokey and the Bandit) that would occasionally come into the house and search for crumbs.  And you usually didn’t have to poke around too hard before finding a gecko hanging on some improbable spot.

Less charming however were a group of mongooses (yes, that’s the plural, I looked it up) that continually prowled around looking for entrance – which inexplainably, the kids always seemed to name “Stevil”.

Of course, we didn’t spend all our time lounging around the pool and lanai because the Big Island is chock full of stuff to see and do – I’ll post about some of that later.

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15 thoughts on “Hawaiian Fortnight: Around the House

  1. What breathtaking pictures! Wow. The house looks fantastic and the view looks like I imagine paradise would! I cannot wait to see your other pictures. It looks and sounds like you had the vacation of a lifetime!! I am so happy for you and your family.

  2. What? Never heard of breakfast dessert? I didn't know you were taking underprivileged kids with you on this vacation!
    It looks wonderful – loved the turtle especially. :P

  3. Seriously jealous of your vacation. hawai'i is one of the few perfect places on the globe: you can get snowstorms, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions! Can life get any better?

    One of the things you (meaning “I”)
    Yanno, if there is a "royal we", then there needs to be a "personal you". Seems only fair to me!

  4. "almost all hotels look great on their websites, but what about in reality, right" Yep! I could tell you some stories…which is why I went over to renting holiday houses instead unless I am only staying one or two nights somewhere. Fab house, lovely post. I always thoughts as Americans, we discounted the true value of a holiday away. Europeans will fit it into the yearly budget even with the tightest of family budgets and consider it standard practice (as well as the lovely amount of time off they get a year – I should say "we" cause I get that too now – 4 weeks plus bank holidays for me and when I worked for gov't it was loads more). I think you chose well! My son and I stayed in a holiday house near the Grand Canyon. I expected it to be fabulous as the photo was fabulous – but the photo was NOT the same house. LOL! It ended up being a double wide…however it had a great wood stove and a huge kitchen and master bath.

  5. Paradise — when it's not being hell on earth. Actually, we went to the Pacific Tsunami Museum in Hilo — which did a really nice job and talked about the different tsunami that Hawaii has had over the last century.

  6. We've become big fans of renting homes or condos on vacation. Like you say, if it's more than a couple of days, I'm more than happy to grab some groceries and not have dine out every meal.

  7. I love the Big Island. Funny thing – I have a sunset picture from the Kona coast as well. Different foreground, but the sunset looks the same. How do you not love a place where beauty like that is reproducible?

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