Happy F-F-F-F-Fourth of July

Yesterday, Cori and Noelle came over to visit for Independence Day.  Cori and I had vowed to play some tennis and so when they came over in the afternoon, we started talking about books and we looked at our rackets and talked about traveling.  And then it was happy hour.  Sorry, tennis. Maybe next time.
Later, our good friends Traci and Jason came over and we enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw and grilled potatoes.  About the time the peach cobbler came out, the marine layer was rolling in and the temp was dropping into the low 50s.  The heat lamp went on. 

By the time we were waiting for the fireworks to start, the fireplace was on and it felt more like Thanksgiving than Independence Day.  Still, good friends, good food, good drinks and good fireworks are a tough combo to beat!

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8 thoughts on “Happy F-F-F-F-Fourth of July

  1. The sad part is that the entire month of July has been like that weekend, with the exception of about 4 days. The local paper had a great headline about the weather this summer: "Endless Bummer".

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