Book Review: Wipeout! by Chip Hughes

One of the things that I did before this recent trip to Hawaii was search Amazon for "Hawaii" + "mystery" because I wanted to take along a book that had some Island flavor. I was surprised at the low number of matches — there was a smattering of Charlie Chan books and a few young reader selections, but really there weren't many. 
Then I spied "Wipeout" by Chip Hughes, part of his "surfing detective" series. Surfing detective? Yeah brah, sign me up. 
Chip Hughes

So, I was a little surprised when the book was delivered — it was tiny. Smaller than an old-school paperback and still only coming in at 200pp. Still, I was looking for a light mystery with local flair, and that's what I got. 
Kai Cooke (the surfing detective) takes up the case of the search for a missing longboard surfer that disappeared and presumably drowned surfing the monster waves of Oahu's famous North Shore. There are shady characters and surfer characters and chases around the islands for clues. Kai's case is also tumbled around with his own personal life problems. 
This is not a serious read by any stretch of the imagination, but it was fun. It was like an episode of "Magnum PI", you know if Magnum was a poor surf-dude instead of a rich playboy. Definitely a fun beach-read — or in this case — lanai read.

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