Hawaiian Fortnight: Land of Shakas

During this cold, rainy July here in San Diego (not a typo), I have found myself thinking back to our vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii from time to time, and realized that I probably left the impression that all there was to our vacation was hanging around the house and getting poisoned by volcanoes.  Not so!
The local paper handed out “shakas” and “stink-eyes”  (sort of like Things on Tuesday, Hawaiian version) – here’s a smattering of shakas from our stay.
Natural Diversity.  The one thing about the Big Island that makes it such a great  – and in a way daunting – vacation destination is the island’s diversity.  The west and northwest sides are arid and dry, the east and southeast sides are tropical rainforests.

Luau.  I am confounded by people that go to Hawaii but won’t go to a luau.  There is food, there are mai-tais, there is dancing, there is music, and there’s more food.  The one we attended did a nice compilation of traditional dances and music from across Polynesian culture.  Not a coconut bra in sight.

Local culture.  We spent one day going over to Hilo and going to its farmers market.  What fun.  There were all sorts of fruits and vegetables that were pretty much unidentifiable to us mainlanders.  We decided to all get something we didn’t know and try it.  I liked the dragon fruit the best.

At the edge.  The north side of the Big Island was easily its least developed and for that reason held some extra charm to me.  One pleasant surprise while we were exploring one day was the island of Maui that appeared across the channel between it and the Big Island.

We also got to the “end of the road” that terminates at the Kohala Valley.  There was a chance for hiking but some signs warned of seismic instability and after surviving the volcano, we decided to just see it from above.

Did you notice no stink-eyes?? :D

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15 thoughts on “Hawaiian Fortnight: Land of Shakas

  1. I have been to Hawaii 5 times mostly to know the people and food better what I found was Ohana in a place much like paradise. Sounds to me like you had a great adventure.

  2. Thanks Lauri — definitely no stink-eyes. And yes, its be 60 and overcast/raining all week here in Southern California. I think we're all getting Seasonal Affective Disorder!

  3. Hawai'i is a great place and has very few reasons for "stink eyes".
    I agree with you about trying new things at the local farmer's market. Dragon druit is awesome; it is a shame that it does not travel well. Speaking of dragon fruit, did you notice this over at Zoom-Zoom's blog?

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