CSA-based Happy Hour: The Blackberry-Gin Smash

In this past week’s CSA box, we received several little packages of some gorgeous looking blackberries.  They won’t be long for this world, I’m afraid.  We had them on our cereal the other day, and The Beloved had made a peach-blackberry cobbler (!), but the appearance of the blackberries also reminded me of a pretty good drink that I made a couple of times last year:  The Blackberry-Gin Smash
2 oz gin
½ oz blackberry liqueur (I use Leopold Brothers)
½ oz lime juice
2 dashes peach bitters
3 blackberries
Place the five ingredients in a shaker with ice and really shake the heck out of it (because you want to crush the blackberries).  Strain into glass and top with some cold sparkling water (or club soda).

Garnish with a skewer of blackberries.  Pretty tasty on an almost-warm summer day in Southern California.

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14 thoughts on “CSA-based Happy Hour: The Blackberry-Gin Smash

  1. We go crazy with berries since they're in such short season around here, put them on everything. Looks yummy, Steve, your recipe? The table looks great as usual. You guys must throw a cool party.

  2. My garden will be chockablock full of blackberries soon. They bloomed about two weeks ago. I will mail you some…might be messy. Love the coasters!

  3. I am definitely trying this one! Drinks are a great solution when you have so much fruit that it's gonna go bad. Hence my many blood orange cocktails. :-)

  4. I've never been one for or won over by sweet drinks, but you've convinced me to give this one a try. Don't be doin this to me, man, don't make me fool" (said in Stewie Griffin's voice) for thinking I wouldn't like this kind of drink. I'm low on Gin so I'll get over to the LCBO (liqueur store in Ontario) and pick some up and some scotch. Any recommendation?Paolo

  5. I plan to make it as you prescribe first. I'm not one to change what works. I trust your guidance. I've drank and enjoyed the Hendrick's before and will look for Bluecoat here. My dearest says Plymouth Gin but I believe the juniper and botanicals will bring a lot to the show. I find this morning while heading out for the paper that my neighbor drinks Scotch but he indicates he has enjoyed the same Scotch for over 40 years, because the price is to his liking. I am cut from another cloth, I'll save if needed to enjoy what I like. Soon it will be time to re-stock. I am grateful for the information.Paolo

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