Very Important Question: Future of My Facial Hair

After two people this weekend mistook me for the "Mythbusters" guy, I really had to sit down and consider whether to keep the goatee or go clean-shaven.

I've had this goatee for a while — nearly seven years, so you might rightly think that it's time for a change.  Of course, I grew the goatee for a change during a time when things weren't going so well for me.  Since growing it?  I have to say things have been pretty good.  Player on a streak has to respect the streak, right?
And so, I throw it out to you — keep it, or shave it? 

I'll keep the poll open for a few days and we'll revisit.

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23 thoughts on “Very Important Question: Future of My Facial Hair

  1. Once I blew your picture up big and noticed that the goatee seems to have a lot of gray in it while the mustache doesn't I'm thinking you might look younger without it. If you don't like the naked chin you can always grow it back.

  2. Why are there only two options? I also would have liked to choose from:
    Mutton Chops
    Giant Jumberjack Beard
    Curly Moustache That You Can Twirl Evilly (I think this would play well into the "Mad Scientist" idea I have of you sometimes)

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