Good Branding

With the creeping malaise we’ve had here in The Aerie for the last couple of weeks, I forgot to mention one of the fun birthday presents that I’d received:  my very own personalized branding iron!

Now, before you leap to any conclusions, know that the food prep here at home mostly breaks down to that I do the grilling and breakfasts, and the Beloved does pretty much everything else.

The House Brand

And even though we haven’t had much of a summer here in Southern California this year, we do like a good meal of grilled <fill in meat> and salad.  Well, the other day I got to try out the branding iron on a tasty grilled steak – and it worked great!

"B" marks the spot

And in case you were wondering, I got to eat the “B”.  :)


18 thoughts on “Good Branding

    • Since it was a gift, I’m not sure — maybe MOMPAT will comment in here with the souce… :)

      Though a quick google of “personalized branding iron”, produced a ton of results.

  1. hmm. . . I don’t trust your branding iron. I will need to taste one of those steaks for quality control. as both Budd and Black start with B it will be appropriate. Fed ex overnight will be fine.

  2. How cool!! That is a most unique gift. When I was first reading the post, I was wondering exactly what you were going to brand ;) But, the steak looks delicious and I am glad you got to eat the B!

  3. Yummy and personalized. That’s cool. I would like to have one of those just to hang on the wall. You could also heat it up in the fireplace and threaten to brand any partygoing stragglers who overstay their welcome. (That would make them easy to spot).

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