ANOKS: The Strangers

A while ago, my good friend and fellow blogger Kelly had the idea that we (the collective we of her, me and Jen — as well as anyone else that would like to join in) should do a scary-movie marathon in October, heretofore known as “A Nightmare On Kel’s Street”, or ANOKS.  One scary movie-a-day, culminating naturally (or perhaps supernaturally) on Halloween.

That led to a perhaps obvious problem — how do you choose just 31 scary movies?  There were way too many good choices.  Therefore, we’re going to start thinking and watching scary films a good six weeks in front of Halloween (and even a few weeks after, I mean, because really, you can’t have too many scary movies, can you?) – which I still say is way better than those damned “pre-Christmas” promos that I’ve begun to see in stores.

You can see the sub-genres chosen and the final movie schedule here.

This is going to require some major Netflix contortions – especially when living in a home where love of scary movies is, let’s just say, not completely universal.

First up:  The Strangers

Synopsis:  A couple (Liv Tyler and some other guy) go to an out of the way getaway house after going to a friend’s wedding.  They begin to get harassed by three people in masks, who continually up the intensity of their presence, ultimately perpetrating Very Bad Things to the nice, good-looking couple.

The Strangers

There’s not much new here from a storytelling perspective – isolated locale, plenty of dead phones, for example – but the sparse less-is-more filming (not many effects, gratuitous gore or escalating body count) keep this movie pretty taut and claustrophobic.  And if you don’t like being the only one in an empty house, this movie will probably push some buttons.  The couple didn’t do anything to deserve or invoke the attention of these psychos, which I suppose is the point – that random evil can happen to you and really ruin your day.  As such, that lack-of-plot is where “The Strangers” falls short for me.  So, while it’s creepy and atmospheric, it left me wanting a little more.

6 out of 10.

I hope that many of you will join in for ANOKS when you can and offer up your own thoughts on horror-movies!


19 thoughts on “ANOKS: The Strangers

  1. I am totally OK not participating in this little challenge. I’m going to stick to my RomComs and reruns of Arrested Development. ;) But I will enjoy all your posts!

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  3. I totally admire your 6/10 because I think it’s the scariest movie of the bunch. (Also scary for me: Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity.) I’m very interested in seeing what you find scary. :)

  4. Hmm, I’m quite sure I couldn’t hack (hah – hack! get it? As in axe murderer? Never mind….)

    Anyway, I don’t think I could do one movie per day. Although, maybe I could do a few off that list. I have seen very few horror movies so the pickin’s are wide open for me.

    • I don’t really have a chance in watching them all, either — but it’s fun to compile the list and see how many you can get. Maybe pick a few favorites — either ones you’ve seen or ones you want to see — and give it a shot! :)

  5. I watched half of Final Destination and didn’t sleep for days after that.
    I’ll pass the offer (as if I could take it up across continents anyway !). Enjoy yourself with all the adrenalin rush.

  6. Dang, I am super jealous of this event!! Thanks for the movie review, and I assume these are movies none of you have already seen? Cujo, Blair Witch, Grudge, Ring and the Amityville remake are all scary, if not a bit cheesy. I won’t even mention the Tom Six movie since I assume there must be some element of fun in each movie…..I liked Saw, and The Cell was good (Vincent D’Onofrio is a scary bastard, funny too). I must have a more clever list somewhere….I’ll get back to you. ;)

    • Emmi — definitely chime in and do your own (especially as October looms!) — there are some that I’ve seen and some that I haven’t. I’m going to try and do as many as I can.

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