Into The Absurd

Sticking to his guns like he holds onto 2nd half timeouts, Eagles head coach Andy Reid went back on his post-McNabb-trade assertion that Kevin Kolb was the team’s starting QB yesterday – replacing him with Michael Vick.

I know there’s some sort of “starter shouldn’t lose his job because of injury” mantra in sports circles, but a player should lose his starting role, you know, if he stinks.  Kolb had been McNabb’s heir-apparent for a couple of seasons and when the team jettisoned their all-time leading passer and multiple ProBowl QB this past spring, Big Red declared that Kolb was “ready” and was going to give the team a better chance to win than McNabb.

Fast forward to the summer:

Kolb has a mediocre-at-best pre-season, but everyone said to themselves invoking a decades-old protective chant: “It’s just the pre-season.”

The Future's come and gone already...

Headset in Place

In the opener versus Green Bay, Kolb was 5-for-10 for a whopping 24 yards – the longest pass play netting about the length of my lab bench.  The offense looked listless.  Then he got hit and had a concussion.   Vick came in and the offense woke up.  Vick threw for 175 in one half of play and did a pretty good imitation of making a comeback.  They played for Vick.  The offense clicked again in a win against the Lions last week, while Kolb was still recovering.

Now fully alert, Kolb is again standing on the sidelines.  His glory years of leading the Eagles reduced to 30 forgettable minutes.  I feel bad for the guy, but in the push-come-to-shove-what-have-you-done-for-me-lately world of the NFL, he was not getting it done.  Maybe Andy looked around at the over-rated Cowboys sluggish start and the middling Redskins and Giants and decided – the heck with learning-curves and rebuilding, I can win the NFC East this year!

For me, I suppose the real story isn’t really about the demotion, but that the original decision to ditch McNabb now looks like a complete catastrophe.  Kolb was supposed to be the future – the “winner” that McNabb couldn’t quite rise to be in the clutch.  Now he’s not even your starter and my guess is will be traded before too long (apparently the Browns have started to make overtures…).

This can't end well...


And when Kolb is wearing other colors and Vick gets hurt on a scramble, your Eagles’ QB will be a guy named Kafka.  Why does that seem appropriate?


7 thoughts on “Into The Absurd

  1. I have to say that my ex broke me of being a football fan by acting like a fool every time a game didn’t go his way. I used to love it but now all I think about is him when I try to watch it, so I stay away. I am from Atlanta, so I am definitely not a fan of Michael Vick. In keeping with the polite tone of an almost old woman, all I will say is that your coach should have kept McNabb.

    • Yeah — I do not like Michael Vick being the “face” of the franchise. I mean, I know he did his time and as such he deserves to be able to go out and make a living without further reprisal, but still… I don’t want him to be the face of the franchise.

  2. …..In the opener versus Green Bay, Kolb was 5-for-10 for a whopping 24 yards – the longest pass play netting about the length of my lab bench……

    Easily the best line of the day.

    Sigh..I commisserate with you, because as you may have noticed, we have quarterback issues too.

    • I’ve been waiting for the Vikings-oriented post from you! #4 isn’t 100% healthy and at his age that’s not going to get you very far, plus he looks like he just doesn’t want to be there — which I have to think it a detraction all around.

      Maybe we should just concentrate on baseball and what we’re going to wager when the Phillies crush the Twins in the World Series. :D

      • Dream on. :) Wouldn’t that be awesome, though? We’d definitely have to live-text it while we watch.

        I have to admit I haven’t watched the Vikings all that much because it’s just too much of a letdown…not even just Favre…I don’t think the D-line cares either. Allen, Edwards, the Williams brothers…they should be a brick wall and yet they just aren’t. Plus with the on-fire Twins usually playing opposite, there’s no contest as to which I’d rather watch. At least the choice is easy.

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