ANOKS: Vacancy

As my limited interest in the Wilson brothers goes, I am definitely a Luke over Owen fan.  Why?  Because even though Owen was pretty good in “Zoolander”, Luke was a central character in my favorite “X-Files” episode: Bad Blood.

We ain't got no birds

Anyway, that brings us to the next ANOKS feature: Vacancy (2007).

Now, Vacancy sets up remarkably like “The Strangers” the first film that I posted on.  Here, rather than an isolated vacation home, our good-looking couple get lost and check into a creepy motel that easily could have been run by someone in the Bates family.

In their drab room, the couple (Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale) discover VHS tapes that are actually snuff films.  Worse yet, they’re snuff films recorded in their own crappy drab room.  No wonder there were unexplained stains – though really, simply having a VHS in the room in 2007 should have been the clue to get the hell out.

As in “The Strangers” bad things happen and people get hurt and killed.  I think I liked “Vacancy” a smidge more than the former, mostly because I like Luke Wilson over that other guy, and Kate Beckinsale over Liv Tyler.  Any day.

Sure. You're all smiles now

6.5 stars

That’s it for the serial killer section (though I know there’s more murderous mayhem in the future), but on the horizon I think I see some slow moving zombies…

10 thoughts on “ANOKS: Vacancy

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  2. Also, since you’re picking and choosing, allow me to recommend my favorites. :)

    Serial Killers: Go back and do Beyond the Mask, please please please. SO much fun. :)

    Zombies: Dawn of the Dead and Zombieland.

    Children are Evil: The Ring

    Nature Will Kill You: The Blair Witch Project, Friday the 13th remake

    High School is Hell: Nightmare on Elm Street

    Vacation: Wrong Turn, A Perfect Getaway

    Hooks: Candyman

    Ghosts & Hauntings: Poltergeist, Amityville remake, The Uninvited, The Skeleton Key (replaces Paranormal Activity 2)

    Family: Original Stepfather, Frailty, Halloween, Psycho

    Animals: Jaws, Birds

    Stephen King: Pet Sematary, The Dark Half

    Young Girl: Jennifer’s Body

    Do NOT Read That Book: In the Mouth of Madness, Evil Dead

    Original vs. Remake: Omen, Hitcher, Rear Window/Disturbia


  3. Yay! you mentioned one of my most favorite X-files episode! I have watched it several times and it always makes me laugh!

    Which now makes me want to watch every single season of The X-Files and do reviews on it and maybe particular episodes which I can. I own The Complete Series!

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