Midweek Nightcap: The Sheffield Reborn

The other day the Beloved and I attended a special dinner at one of our favorite San Diego eateries, Urban Solace.  The dinner was a special menu – each course had its own cocktail pairing, using St. Germain liqueur (an elderflower liqueur and favorite at The Aerie).  Five courses, five cocktails.  Sounded pretty good to me!

The dinner was a lot of fun, and the food and drinks were exceptional.   The dessert course cocktail was a layered shot of St. Germain and Crème Yvette (a berry-floral flavored liqueur).  We thought it was fantastic cap to the meal.

Well, last night we were doing a rare midweek shopping excursion and just happened to pass by a BevMo, and so we thought we’d swing in to see if we could purchase some Crème Yvette, because after a long night of shopping you don’t really want a big drink, but a delicious, smooth, sweet, floral nightcap sounded perfect.

The Sheffield Reborn

(It’s good to chill all the components beforehand, including the glass – you can use a shot glass, port glass or any other small-ish glass)

Add 1 part (~1 oz) St Germain to the glass

Layer in 1 part Crème Yvette

Layering is done by slowly pouring the second component into the glass onto the the back of a barspoon (or any spoon that fits in the glass).  Keep the spoon in contact with the side of the glass as you pour.  When you drink it, you get the sweet-tart berries followed by the honey-floral finish.  Really delicious!

Sheffield Reborn

And there you have it!  I may have to agree to go shopping on a weeknight more often!


6 thoughts on “Midweek Nightcap: The Sheffield Reborn

  1. That sounds heavenly. I’m a huge fan of St. Germain. Zaytinya (the restaurant where Mike Isabella was head chef til recently) has a pear cocktail with St. Germain that I just love. I’m going to have to try and hunt these ingredients down!

    Also, it looks like you have a small squid on your counter behind the glass on right. ;-)

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