This morning, with hyperbole

When it gets hot and dry in San Diego county like it has been this past week, certain critters go looking for water.

So, when I walked into our normally clean and still pantry and reached for my Multi-grain Cheerios this morning, I was surprised by what seemed like an undercurrent of movement…

Help Me, Penny!

Yes, @#&^#^& ANTS!

I'm Really Thirsty!!

Man, I hate ants.  But I swear: I WILL WIN!!


31 thoughts on “This morning, with hyperbole

  1. oh, man, I HATE them too. As a kid, I fell on a anthill, freaked out, had them all wiped off by my mother, ran outside, and FELL OVER THE EXACT SAME ANTHILL. I blame the ants.

    I once turned on my bathtub and had ants pour out of the facet. That was not a good day.

  2. Machine guns. They never fail. Your pantry might suffer a bit, however.

    When my brother and I were young, we’d ‘freeze’ an ant attack by spraying them with Lysol. They’d stop in their tracks.

    Oh, and yes, Boyfriend and I have watched ‘Them’.

    • Aubrey — I keep all my liquor in that pantry, so the machine guns might be out! I’ve often used windex as a quick don’t-have-time-to-find-the-bug-spray stop gap.

      Man, I love those old monster movies — way more than I should!

  3. Ugh, my parents fought a 20-year battle with ants. Finally, one year my mother insisted on hiring a professional. I guess she was right; they were gone after that. I’m not exactly sure what they did, but I think it was around the perimeter of the entire house.

    • We get them rarely — usually when it’s either very hot, dry — or oddly enough — after it’s rained a lot. Most times we don’t see them. If they became more frequent, I’d have to hire someone (hopefully with a giant bug on their truck) to get them out.

  4. We have an ant problem at the moment as well. You can’t leave any food on the bench or they come in hordes. And at about 3pm the path in the backyard is covered in them. You can’t walk on it. And you can’t hang the washing because they climb all over your legs.

  5. We had to start getting an exterminator to come 4 times a year because of ants! That is a new one. But he said that it had been worse this year (I have no idea why). Sometimes, we have to call him back in-between times. I had ants falling on me where I sit in bed to watch tv, blog, and read! For some reason, they decided to congregate up around my air conditioner vent in the ceiling and there is NO food there. I hate feeling something crawling on me all of the sudden!

    • Oh — the idea of ants falling on me just makes me squirm! In my old house in Delaware, we had to have an exterminator come on a regular basis. Here, it hasn’t been too bad — until yesterday!

  6. I’m fighting this battle, too, on multiple fronts! The mosquitos here are HUGE and vicious. Inside the ‘new’ place we’re dealing with ants and the occasional fearless spider that wanders in….to crawl across your feet as you go to the bathroom at 3 AM. UGHH.

  7. Count me in. Ants have taken over the kitchen. No matter how clean you keep things, they keep marching around. Spray, chemicals, whatever, they keep coming back. Even wiping up several times a day to get rid of their little pheromone/chemical trails they leave for each other doesn’t work. Gah!

    At least it’s not spiders. Those start coming in next month when it gets cold…

    • Kzinti — I’d have to turn to some sort of professionals if it became chronic. It’s pretty rare here — usually when it gets hot & dry (this week), or oddly enough when it rains a lot.

  8. Haven’t had much trouble with the bigger black ants, but oh God, those tiny red ones that crawl up your leg and bite ferociously – they’ve been trying to overrun my kitchen for weeks now. I believe wiping down surfaces with dilute kerosene helps – not that I’ve tried it yet.

    And Steve, I’m going to have nightmares tonight based on that lovely photo you’ve posted..

    • Hey LC — I would go nuts if they were the biting kind. I had a drabble in mind with ants, but decided to go for something more cheerful.

      You should watch the movie (THEM!) — it’s a “classic” 1950s B-movie. After watching that, you’ll only be laughing!

  9. Why don’t you just adopt an anteater?

    (Please forget I said that).

    Our cat Watson chases, catches and eats bugs. It’s quite handy. I’ve seen ants in swarms around sweet stuff and it is so not pretty. I remember the first time I saw a magnified photo of their faces, I had nightmares for years over that.

  10. We are always armed with a small bottle of that Terro ant killer stuff – it works fantastically, at least on the ants that we get. You put a few drops out and in minutes they are all over it. Usually they are all dead the next day. Regardless of the impact on the food chain, if I could, I would put it all over the yard and kill them all.

  11. I used to hate ants until I moved into this protected forest area I live in now. Ants are the LEAST of my aversions right now. Those little millepedes that invade in HUNDREDS after every little rain makes me want to curl up and go to sleep until the darn monsoon season passes. Ah, one more month !

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