The Roomie Cup

The other weekend, my old college roommate Dave visited The Aerie on the tail end of a west coast business trip.  He’d had a busy time of late and really just wanted a weekend of relaxing – with good food, good drinks, football on the tv, and maybe a trip to Hodad’s.  As you might imagine, I was more than happy to oblige.

(Having rented places together on two separate occasions, Dave and I refer to each other as “Roomie” — as in “Roomie, get me another beer…”  This is no problem for Dave and I, but can often be confusing for non-Roomies in the room…)

Anyway, a big goal for Sunday was to watch all three of the NFL games being broadcast — one of the great joys of the autumn on the west coast being that football starts at 10 a.m. and is over usually by 8:30 p.m.  You don’t have to get up all that early and you don’t have to stay up all that late to enjoy everything.  That’s a good 10+ hours for breakfast, soft pretzels, beer and ribs.  Life is, indeed, good.


Roomie at Sea


One of the things Roomie and I both enjoy is a good wager.  And so while we were doing some prep work for Sunday by watching large blocks of college football on Saturday, we got the idea to do a weekly pick against the spread competition for NFL games.  The winner would be awarded The Roomie Cup for that week.  We decided that the winner of the most Roomie Cups would be treated to a great meal in that best of wagering places, Las Vegas, after the season was concluded.

The Rules

1.  The current Roomie cup holder will pick half the games of the NFL schedule using an agreed upon list and point spread (we use the MGM-Mirage line).  The challenger picks the other half.

2.  A player gets a point for every correctly picked game as well as for every incorrectly guessed game by their opponent.  A push results in no points for either player.

3.  If the point totals at the end of the weekend (MNF) are tied, the current Roomie Cup holder retains the Cup (i.e. like the America’s Cup or the Ryder Cup, the challenger must defeat, not just tie the champion).

The first weekend (NFL week 4) we picked just the twelve Sunday day games and Roomie bludgeoned me 8-4.  This past weekend, we picked all 14 games and I managed to do a little better — this time losing 8-6.  (I would personally like to thank my NFC North nemeses the Packers for not putting away the Redskins when they had the chance and Brett Favre of the Vikings for throwing a last minute TAINT to cost me MNF and a chance to win the weekend…)

C’est le vie! Onto the new week of games — wish me luck!


10 thoughts on “The Roomie Cup

    • It’s funny, I like having the NFL on in the background on Sunday. I’ll read the paper, or work on some music-theory homework (from my piano lessons) and make soft pretzels. The football is almost the excuse for the rest of the sitting and relaxing!

    • Budd — we actually only roomed in college for a year, but when i did my post-doc, Dave was living in the same town, so we rented a house together for a couple of years. That’s when the real bond was formed, I’d say.

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