Roomie Cup Picks: NFL Week 6 UPDATE

The scores are in and the Roomie Cup has been wrested back to the West Coast!  Comments in red.

This week’s Roomie Cup picks had an oddity – there was no line (at the MGM-Mirage at least) on this week’s Green Bay-Miami game because of GB QB Aaron Rodgers’ uncertain status after sustaining a concussion in last week’s game.  That left Dave (the current Roomie Cup holder) with a decision: pick 7 games or pick 6.  He chose 7 – mostly I think so that he could pick his Pats.
Here are this week’s picks.  My commentary in italic.

MGM-Mirage Oct. 17-18
Dave’s Picks (pick in BOLD)

1. San Diego at St. Louis  SDG -8 LOSS — why isn’t Norv Turner fired yet?

3. Baltimore at New England NWE -2½ WIN

5. Atlanta at Philadelphia PHI -3 LOSS  No one was more surprised than me at the Eagles smushing of ATL

7. Seattle at Chicago CHI -7 WIN Good pick by Dave

9. Cleveland at Pittsburgh PIT -13½ WIN

11. Oakland at San Francisco SFO -7 LOSS

13. Indianapolis at Washington IND -3½ LOSS — half-a-point killed him.

I didn’t really disagree with any of Dave’s picks other than Seattle at Chicago.  The Seahawks have been terrible on the road this year.  And while the Bears have won ugly, I think they’ll cover this game.  We’ll see if I can pick up a point there.

This week: Dave 3-4

Steve’s Picks (pick in BOLD)

2. Kansas City at Houston HOU -4½ Is Houston over-rated?  Are the Chiefs actually good?  I think the answer to both of those is a definite maybe.  I think Houston at home is a good play. LOSS Killed by half-a-point as well.

4. New Orleans at Tampa Bay  NOR -4½ The champs have been damn underwhelming this year and are 0-5 ATS.  The Bucs soft “D” may provide the end to this particular schnide. WIN  Good call by me.

6. Detroit at N.Y. Giants NYG -10 As an Eagles fan, it’s hard to pick the G-men and 10 is big line.  But the Lions are terrible on the road, and their blowout of the Rams smelled like a fluke. LOSS  Just like the Giants to screw me — win, but not cover.

8. Miami at Green Bay off

10. N.Y. Jets at Denver NYJ -3 I waffled a lot on this pick.  Everyone’s like “oh the Jets are great!” – well, they’ve won, but it’s been pretty ugly at times.  Still Denver seems a little lost, and 3 isn’t that much to ask. WIN It took them a while, but they covered.

12. Dallas at Minnesota MIN -2 In what might amount to an elimination game, my head said go with the ‘Boys, but I just can’t.  I just can’t. WIN Wow — was that an ugly game.

14. Tennessee at Jacksonville TEN  -3 Not much clue on either of these teams.  Jacksonville’s been a bit of Jeckyl and Hyde, but when in doubt, go with the home-underdog. LOSS  Clearly, should have gone with the Steph/Jim favoritism!

This week:  Steve 3-3

Final score:  Steve 7, Dave 6



6 thoughts on “Roomie Cup Picks: NFL Week 6 UPDATE

  1. I am totally going for the Vikings. I’m so disappointed with the Cowboys and have been for awhile now. The game last week with the Titans was so good though – such a nail-biter! But they played pretty bad overall – the reason it was exciting is because the Titans aren’t very consistent. They could have had that one way early on.

    Colts all the way!

    I have to root for my Titans against Jax – come on! It might be tough – like I mentioned, they are not consistent and totally need to step it up but I am going to have some faith in them and we shall see.

    I just love NFL! And Sundays!!!

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