Fall Fashion Pointer

The other day was a chilly, cloudy and slightly misty day and we were picking up some dog food when Penny sort of shrugged her shoulder at her cheerful green collar.  The message was clear: “This thing is soooooo summer.”

A Dog's Life

Not wanting her to be scarred by wearing last season’s fashions, we thought something a little more autumnal might be in order.  I think she looks good in orange!


Penny Has a Big Black Nose

Yesterday, was another dreary, rainy day and was the perfect day to lounge around on the couch by the fireplace.


Not a bad way to spend your Sunday.


21 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Pointer

  1. I love the new collar!! Now, she needs a blanket to match it. I saw the green blanket and it is very attractive, but since Penny knows that it is not an autumn color, I suppose you will have to head out again to the store and get a blanket that matches her collar. :lol:

    I LOVE the third picture, of her face. What a sweetheart. A dog after my own heart (into fashion)!!

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