ANOKS: A Perfect Getaway

I was happy to see “A Perfect Getaway” on Kelly’s ANOKS list, because other than the serial killer/slasher type movies (which I’m not really interested in and likely won’t watch), it’s one of the few movies on the list that I hadn’t previously seen.

A Perfect Getaway

It’s too bad that we hadn’t seen this before this past summer’s trip to Hawaii, but so goes it.  In the film, which I recall got pretty fair reviews, a yuppie-ish newlywed couple Clif and Cydney (played by Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich) go to Kaua’i on their honeymoon.  There, they hear news that another couple had been brutally murdered in Honolulu and the perpetrators apparently fled to Kaua’i.  Of course, while hiking on the remote Kalalau Trail, they run into two other couples: the menacing Cleo and Dale and the fun-but-crazy-seeming Gina and Nick.   You don’t have to be Hercule Poirot to know that one of these couples is the killers.

On the Kalalau Trail

The film is an exercise in misdirection, making you guess who the killers are and who might end up being on their last hike.  The filming is good and my enjoyment of the film was mostly powered by good performances, especially from Timothy Olyphant as they uber-hyper Nick, who I swear was channeling Bill Paxton’s classic character Hudson from “Aliens”.  Also good was Kiele Sanchez (formerly the forgettable Nikki from a couple of the least pleasurable LOST episodes…) as Gina.

Overall, somewhere between 6.5 and 7 stars because after about half-way through the movie you know who the bad guys are.  Still, good fun.

10 thoughts on “ANOKS: A Perfect Getaway

  1. I don’t know if I was completely dumb but I didn’t figure it out until just before it was figured out for me by that camera.

    I really like this movie and I completely agree that the performances make it. I love Steve Zahn. :)

    • I think for me, I’d heard enough about it that I was looking for twists and as you’re watching, you’re going “no… too obvious…. maybe… about?” etc.

      • That could be. I almost had a category called “TWIST!” for this and other Sixth Sense-type movies but then it was like, well, you can’t do that if other people watch them, too. :)

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  3. I enjoyed this movie also – LOVED Timothy Olyphant’s performance. My favorite line, after knowing who the killers were, of course, was when “Cliff” and “Cydney” were looking at Kale and Cleo’s pic of their nuptials and Cliff says, “Suitable for framing.”

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