If Looks Could Kill

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Deanna Favre…

Thanks, Hon

Nice job, D


11 thoughts on “If Looks Could Kill

    • I’m with you, Emmi. I find it hard to believe how many wives of famous men stick by them while they hem and haw and apologize and act all contrite. What a bunch of hooey.

      Take the money and run, lady!

      • Not condoning anything he’s done, but the people in the spotlight like him and many others of his kind (male and female) who have been unfaithful, it’s the ego that gets caught up in the thrill of the chase. I mean, women aren’t exactly throwing themselves at the average Joe, and if they were, there would be a significant rise in divorces from it’s already high peaks.

        No, she wants him to pay for awhile, but she very probably still loves him. He did something completely stupid and he knows it. At least, so far as I’ve read, he has owned his shit. And she has every right to look at him like that right now. I couldn’t stand being in the public eye like that. I pick my nose way too much to be in front of the paparazzi cameras. LOL

        Yeah, he fudged up and he knows it. The ride home was probably pretty cold too. I think he’ll be doing some serious butt kissing when they get home and for the next few months. But deep down, if she truly does love him, it’s a shitty thing to have happen that you throw away all the years they’ve had together for. I think the reality of that is foremost in his mind right now.

  1. Either way whatever she “gets” she has already been humiliated beyond belief. Thats the part I don’t understand. THat has got to be so embarassing. Nice photo

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