Sounds of the Season

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Time to dust off (if you can dust off mp3s) the songs associated with the upcoming holiday.  No no, I don’t mean Christmas music (because I think that it’s incredibly wrong to play Christmas music before Thanksgiving) – I’m talking about Halloween Music.

Now, I know there aren’t many Halloween songs per se’, but I have put together a playlist along the “theme” for Halloween.  Been playing it for the last several days…

  • Psycho Killer                        Talking Heads
  • The Hounds of Winter      Sting
  • Superstition                          Stevie Wonder
  • Blood And Roses                The Smithereens
  • You’re A Wolf                       Sea Wolf
  • Shankill Butchers                Sarah Jarosz
  • Diggin’ up Bones                 Randy Travis
  • Bodysnatchers                     Radiohead
  • Intruder                                  Peter Gabriel
  • Don’t Wait For Tom           Over the Rhine
  • I Wish I Was The Moon    Neko Case
  • See These Bones                  Nada Surf
  • Moondance                           Van Morrison
  • Black Milk                              Massive Attack
  • Black Melt                              Massive Attack
  • Angel                                        Massive Attack
  • Mozart: Requiem In D Minor, Sequentia: Confutatis Maledictis
  • That Old Black Magic           Louis Prima & Keely Smith
  • Duel of the Fates                   The London Symphony Orchestra
  • Mussorgsky: Night On Bald Mountain
  • In the Evening                        Led Zeppelin
  • (Ghost) Riders in the Sky    Johnny Cash
  • Bad Things                               Jace Everett
  • A Knife in the Dark                Howard Shore
  • The Burnt-Over District       Hem
  • The Night WIll Only Know  Garth Brooks
  • Witchcraft                                  Frank Sinatra
  • That Old Black Magic             Frank Sinatra
  • Old Devil Moon                        Frank Sinatra
  • Evil Woman                               Electric Light Orchestra
  • Hotel California                        The Eagles
  • Riders On the Storm                The Doors
  • Rest In Peace                              Buffy the Vampire Slayer Soundtrack
  • Romeo And Juliet Ballet: Act I, Scene 2, No. 13 – Dance Of The Knights
  • Way Down, Hadestown           Anais Mitchell
  • Damned If I Do                           The Alan Parsons Project

In addition to those songs, I have soundtracks from the video games MediEvil and MediEvil2, which definitely were written with “spooky” in mind.  Here’s one of my favorite tracks from the collection (click the link to hear).

Stained Glass Demon

This time of year makes me really happy.

What else should be put on a good Halloween playlist??


26 thoughts on “Sounds of the Season

  1. I like the song from The Skeleton Key (I forget what it’s called but it’s the record she keeps playing by “Papa Justify.”) It was created for the movie. I think it might be The Conjure of Sacrifice?

    And Tubular Bells (from The Exorcist) and Ave Satani (from The Omen). Really creepy. :)

  2. How could you forget to play Michael Jackson’s Thriller?? That would be such an original idea!

    I’d put in Oi Dai from Varttina, it’s a rune and it reminds me of walking through the forest of Finland at night. Plus it would go wih the whole Samhain theme.

  3. I’m afraid my music tends towards the goth or the humorous:

    Alice in Chains- “Man in the Box” and “Them Bones”
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- “Devil’s Waitin'”
    Credence Clearwater- “Bad Moon Rising” and “I Put a Spell on You” (yes, I know Screamin’ Jay Hawkins is the original artist, but I don’t have him on my iPod)
    Nirvana- “Lake of Fire” and “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” (the last being a cover of a Leadbelly song)
    Queens of the Stone Age- “Burn the Witch”
    Rob Zombie- Almost anything by him, but “Living Dead Girl” is the standard
    Warren Zevon- “Werewolves of London”

    There’s also “Mr. Crowley” by Ozzie Osborne, which is dedicated to the supposed disciple of the Devil, but that might not be evidently Halloween-ish.

    • HG — good choices! I can’t believe I don’t have “Werewolves of London” in there, or “Bad Moon Rising”. Your list also made me think of Aqualung’s “Strange & Beautiful: I’ll Put a Spell on You”.

  4. I second the Ministry idea. I had forgotten about the whole “industrial band” theme. And talking heads is good, Chris Franz an even stranger dude than David Byrne.

  5. Someone mentioned “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”, or “In the Pines”. There’s a better cover by the Screaming Trees. Also, it’s a traditional folks song from the 1870s or so.

  6. “Seen and Not Seen”, Talking Heads. “Regiment”, Brian Eno/David Byrne (My Life in the Bush of Ghosts) – this sounds like the chanting during sacrificial offerings. “Don’t Fear The Reaper”, Blue Oyster Cult. “The Time Warp” (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show). “Ghost Town”, The Specials. “Atrocity Exhibition”, Joy Division. “Ash and Bone” and “Tombee de la Nuit”, Blaine L. Reininger. “The City of The Dead”, The Clash. “Cemeteries of London”, Coldplay.

    I could keep going—this is my favorite holiday as well! We just had a long black out, so sitting in the dark with a bit of full moon, listening to a Halloween soundtrack, is fiendishly fun!

  7. I forgot—“Vampire”, by Antsy Pants off the Juno soundtrack. It’s more like a cute kids’ tune, but it works. Also if you’re having a party, “All Tomorrow’s Parties” (the original VU version with Nico) has a kind of eerie (well ok, maybe psychedaelic) tone.

      • The Squirrel Nut Zippers are a 1930’s-style swing band. I was told it was also the name of a caramel nut candy that was popular in the early half of the 20th century. (But I grew up on the West Coast, so I missed out on a lot of cultural phenomena from the Northeast and Midwest.)

        “Hell” was also featured in the movie “Monkeybone,” which was probably seen by 20 people in the United States. There’s a nicely surreal scene of Brendan Frazier being sent to the Netherworld, which looks more like a fun Halloween party.

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