I’ve posted before about our family’s weekly summer trips “down the shore” to visit my grandmother while I was growing up in New Jersey.  Every Sunday, we’d fill the car, drive to The Villas, and then head to the beach.


I didn't know then

Like most kids, I loved the beach.  I loved playing in the sand.  I loved looking for seashells.  I loved playing in the water.  Well, until I was about 10.  And then I didn’t go in the water for nearly two summers.  The reason?



I’m sure that for those with an age that’s first digit less than or equal to 3, the impact of the movie “Jaws” has been eroded by it constantly being on TV and having had countless imitations made.  And that’s too bad, because “Jaws” changed filmmaking forever.  It was the first summer blockbuster.  And it is scary as hell – playing on the primal fear that you are going to be eaten alive.   I know that you could say that zombies do that too, but you still have to suspend disbelief for zombies – not for sharks.


Nice Night for a Swim

I’ve seen this movie so many times, I’m pretty sure I can recite it.  When I’m working around the house and it’s on, I put it in the background.  After 35 years, this movie and I have become old friends.   Though it only takes a minute of sitting still and watching it to take me back to when I was 10, scanning the horizon from the beach and afraid to go in the water.



We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Who am I kidding, I still look around.


10 stars out of 10.


16 thoughts on “ANOKS: Jaws

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  2. I don’t know why people aren’t more afraid to go in the water! Just last week a surfer died after being mauled by a shark off one of the beaches in Southern California. I was also startled when last summer one of my father’s friends came home with a “baby” five-foot shark that he caught while fishing a few miles out of San Francisco. He was in a small boat too, so I was thinking the results could have been reversed if a swell had knocked his boat over.

    I love “Jaws,” but having grown up next to the ocean, I don’t think of the movie as just entertainment. I take it as a lesson that we aren’t always in charge around here.

    • Yes — and last year there was a tri-athlete here that was killed when a shark bit his leg (nearly off) while he was swimming within easy reach of the beach and he bled to death before help could arrive.

  3. a great movie. a Summer classic you can still scare the kids with.

    I was about your age and had a similar reaction – spent a couple of years barely able to get in a pool. no way in the ocean.

  4. Nice sunglasses!!!

    For some reason I was much more afraid after reading some book with a giant ray on the cover. I was little and it was an old book so I can’t remember the name. Was fine with sharks but terrified of odd-looking sea creatures well into college.

  5. I can relate. And that picture of you on the beach and that lawn chair – it could have come right out of my folks garage! Glad to find you on wordpress Steve. I am still struggling a bit with the transfer and getting all over and re-set up from Vox. Ever technochallenged.

    • Hey Jenny! Thanks for finding me! It was a bit of a mad-scramble away from vox, but I’ve grown to like this wordpress interface. And now we have each other in our Readers! :)

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