12 thoughts on “Chem Party

  1. That is fantastic and soo very funny! I am going to show this to my son, the one that love physics. Thanks for sharing it with us :D

  2. Haha! I forwarded this to my son, who was “forced” this year to take a Chemistry for Liberal Arts Majors class. I trust it’s not too dumbed down, because he’s always moaning about having to remember all those rules about the elements, gases, bonds, etc. But there are enough funny prompts in the video to help him remember. I certainly had forgotten about what happens when you add water to potassium. Had my chem professor showed me an explosive reaction like that, it never would have slipped my mind.

  3. ok that was hilarious! Where was that when I was in high school and needed to remember these things for tests?? HS chem teachers should totally use this.
    I loved when Potassium smushed Water’s face into the huge blue jello mold!

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