My “Not” Top-20

I’m feeling a little cantankerous this morning, and so following Cori’s and Kelly’s lead, I’ve decided to list Twenty Things that I don’t want to learn or hear about.  Feel free to join in with your own list.
1. Any couple that has their names made into a contraction i.e Speidi, Brangelina

2. Any news report that contains the words “Favre” and “penis”.

3. What Sarah Palin wears.

4. How Bristol Palin dances.

5. Who is judging American Idol.

6. Whether Tiger Woods is “back” or will ever be “back”.

7. Who offended whom on The View this week.  Or ever.

8. Any war-based video game: Call to Honor or Duty or to your Black Ops whatever.

9. Why you hate Facebook.

10. Your fantasy football team, your Farmville farm, or your MobWars “family”.

11. The Miami Heat.

12. Why electing or not-electing Republicans or Democrats is “The End of America”

13. Kim Kardashian’s heartbreak.

14. Cincinnati Bengals wide-receivers

15. Biebers


17. Anything vaguely Lindsey Lohanish

18. Kanye West, even if you’re making fun of him

19. Keith Olbermann and Glenn Beck – unless we can get them in a boxing ring.

20. Mel Gibson and his continuing trip to Crazytown.




31 thoughts on “My “Not” Top-20

  1. Word. And I think part of it is that I’m just really impatient with people lately, but a friend of mine was complaining that he’s bored with Facebook and it took all my willpower to not say “then delete your account or SHUT UP.”

  2. I agree. You would think with all the stuff going on the world or even just the U.S. that the media could find something else to talk about. It’s the same old blah, blah, blah…

    • The Beloved might put that game in there (she’s a ‘Skins fan) — but I’m still trying to figure out what universe I’m in where the Eagles go up 35-0 on anyone!

      • I watched the highlights of that game with Jim on the NFL channel today and we were totally shocked and awed by Vick. Wish I would have watched the game Monday night! (but then again Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was really good too!)

        • Steph — I’d never seen anything like it. The Eagles had >500 yards of offense early in the 3rd quarter when they stopped trying. It was one of those games where EVERYTHING went right for them on offense.

  3. Haha, great list. I don’t know if you meant it to be funny, but it did make me laugh. For some reason, hearing what people *don’t* care about is just tickling me.

  4. It’s sad that we could throw out our tvs and computers and yet we’d still have to hear about Lindsey Lohan and all this other junk!

  5. So many of these I agree with….especially the facebook one! Well and anything to do with the Kardashians (did I spell that right?)

  6. What Kate Middelton will wear when she marries Prince William. Just be thankful you are not a commonwealth nation. Because I don’t know when they’re getting married but I just know we’re going to be flooded with Kate and Will news over the next year or so.

    • Jane — I think the media frenzy is going to be crazy for that here too. I think if I re-wrote this post in a week’s time that the Royal Wedding has a good chance on making the list!

  7. new one, the royal wedding. While I may live in New England, it is in fact not part of England. I couldn’t care less about whom Harry or William are marrying. at least this one is good looking, Charles has poor taste in women.

      • Yes! I clearly wrote this one day too soon! In fact, when I pics of Kate, I thought she looked like a less-drugged-out Lindsey Lohan, thereby invoking one of the things I’d just said that I don’t want to hear about.

    • You’re right Budd — the wedding is going to hit media overload in a heartbeat. The best thing I saw was from some-ecards that had “I’d settle for the Nazi uniform wearing prince”

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