Lab Hound

Something sort of fun – I got to have a little extra company in the lab over the past couple of days.  You see, we are having a couple of days work done at The Aerie (taking care of a couple of things before the holidays).  That meant that workmen were going to be in the house while we were gone.

We thought it might freak Penny out to have strangers making noise and moving around the house while we weren’t there, so she’s been taking place in what you might call “Take Your Dog To Work Week”.  On Monday, she got to go in with The Beloved and Tuesday (and today) she’s gotten to come into the lab with me.

Observing the bench


Just Hanging in the Lab

Penny did really well – she was pretty nervous when we got in and had to go around and check everything and everyone out.  She liked poking around – fortunately anything toxic is either in a closed cabinet or up off the ground on a shelf.

Checking Things Out

I had a mostly computer-filled day in front of me and so I set Penny’s bed up near me – right by our disposable plasticware shelf.  She settled in pretty well.  Whenever there was a hubbub in the lab or in the hall she would go check it out and come back and report.  Once she “ruffed” at some possible new tenants for our building who were wanted to ask some questions about the space.  She’d been in the lab for like 3 hours and was already defending the home!


We went for a nice walk at lunchtime and she really settled down in the afternoon.  So been-there-done-that for such a worldly pointer.


20 thoughts on “Lab Hound

  1. Nice that you get to bring Penny to work! The college where I used to work had a no-animals-in-the-labs rule—unless of course, they were being brought there to be tested or dissected. :-(

    It was sheer hypocrisy on the college’s part. One of the librarians used to bring his Great Dane to work, and nobody ever said anything about it, perhaps because the owner was himself 6’5″ and a former Marine with tattoos all over his arms.

    • Everyplace I’ve worked has been like that too — having pets around a facility that does animal work can cause real problems. But we’re small and don’t have that here, so it’s much less of an issue and hell, I’m a founder of this company, if I wanna bring my dog in, I will!

  2. That is so cute. I love the picture where she is rounding the corner at a fast trot! The last picture is priceless….off to sleep while my dad works! What a great dog.

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