Friday Drabble: The Walk

I hadn’t had many ideas for a drabble this week, but then I had a unusual view on the ride into work this morning.

Remember, a drabble is a very short story of exactly 100 words.  Feel free to join in and write your own drabbles on Fridays and tag them with “friday drabble” and on Twitter with the hashtag #fridaydrabble.

The Walk

As she moved down the crowded street, she caught snatches of others’ conversations.  There were laughs and plenty of “atta-girl”s to go around.

Liz wanted to let their spirit infect her.  Wanted this to be a good thing, not a downer.  She remembered taking a semester off from college to be with her mother.  Her sister, too, barely recognizable at the end.  And so young.

She knew the odds.  Nothing yet for her, but sometimes she swore she felt it within her, waiting to manifest.

Yes, it would come in time, but it would not define her.

She walked on.

Pretty In Pink


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