This Year’s Menu

This weekend, I worked on the Holiday Menu.  No, not figuring out what side-dishes were going to go along with the Thanksgiving bird, but maybe one that’s (if possible) a little more near-and-dear to my heart.  The Holiday Drink Menu.


Holiday Cheers


There are old favorites and some newbies on this year’s menu.  I can personally vouch for one of the new ones: the Cranberry Mint Martini, which went down very easily during our “Practice Turkey” dinner a couple of weeks ago — and of course, is a festive red.  Pair that with The Gypsy, which is, of course, green.

So, if you’re in the neighborhood, make sure you swing by!


26 thoughts on “This Year’s Menu

  1. Looks like a nice list, but I think you should splurge and use absinthe instead of herbsainte in the Sazerac. For an easy to find absinthe, I recommend the Lucid. And be sure to get Peychaud’s Bitters too – makes a huge difference as well.

    • We’re almost through the Herbsaint, which I’ll probably replace with absinthe when it gets replaced. And the Sazerac uses both Peychaud’s and “Old-Fashioned” bitters (I use Fee Bros.). It’s such a great drink, but boy, when you get a bad one… eesh

  2. If this is an open invitation, then you may expect me around 6 p.m., after I make a detour to San Francisco to pick up my younger daughter. The poor mite will be waiting for me to take her to her grandparents’ for Thanksgiving, but your place sounds so much more fun. ;-)

    Also, I’d like to sample everything on your menu, but then Penny will have to make room on the living room floor for me.

  3. Signore, I simply must know the proportions of a pear sling.
    Also, as far as the Orchard, is the apple liquor like apple schnapps or apple jack, apple brandy?

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