Fifteen Characters

Jen posted this meme to facebook a couple of days and tagged me with it.

The Rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen fictional characters (television, films, plays, books) who’ve influenced you and that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

1. Thomas Covenant

2. Han Solo

3. Carl Kolchak

4. James Kirk

5. Atticus Finch

6. George Bailey

7. Walter Bishop

8. Tony Soprano

9.  Ebenezer Scrooge

10. Tyler Durden

11. Indiana Jones

12. Ahab

13. Chet the Dog

14. Dana Scully

15. Lester Burnham

Nice job by Harrison Ford, grabbing two of the 15.  I’m sure there will be others that will come to mind, but this was a good exercise on a pre-Holiday Wednesday.


9 thoughts on “Fifteen Characters

  1. So Thomas Covenant. I have friends who tell me that I should read these books, but I stalled out about a third of the way through book one. Should I give it another go?

    This is a very interesting blog idea. I might have to give it a try.

    • They were incredibly important to me when I was a teen as they are sort of the anti-Tolkien. The first one is the slowest. The second and third are still routinely in there when someone asks that “what’s your favorite book of all time” question. Well, worth it.

      Also, by today’s mammoth fantasy standards, they seem almost like novellas, they’re so short!!

  2. 1)  Kirk
    2). Conan
    3). Spider-Man
    4). Carl Kolchak
    5). Dr Who
    6)  Jim West
    7)  Sam Gamgee
    8) Frodo
    9) Sherlock Holmes
    10) Luke Skywalker
    11)Thomas Covenant
    12) Mhoram
    13) Sparrowhawk
    14) Indiana Jones
    15) James Bond

  3. What? No one from Jane Austen? Elizabeth Bennet was the first character who came to my mind. Anne Eliot is probably in there, too.

    Someone could probably do an interesting study on the differences in these lists for men and women.

    OK, I’m going to write my list now. I’ll post it soon… but we’re coming up on the bedtime routine here, and my parents are visiting… so it may be a few days. But I promise, I’m writing it right now. I won’t cheat!

    • I’ve noticed that with different people I’ve seen that there really is a gender-grouping — and I wouldn’t think that it would be quite so dramatic. Though maybe it’s hard to “identify” with a character that’s not your own gender, especially if it comes from your teen years. But then again, I listed a dog, so there you go.

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