Pointer Elf

Yesterday, I had a break during the day, and decided to take Penny along for some elf-like activities.

Of course, to be an elf, you have to look the part…

Ho ho ho!

As in all things, Penny was a real trooper…

Penny Has a Nose for Christmas

And then maybe got a little tired…

Christmas Tires Penny Out

Penny says, “Merry Christmas!”


11 thoughts on “Pointer Elf

  1. Haha! I love the “a leetle too close to the camera” perspective of the first two photos.

    Christmas tires everyone out, Penny! Take a nice nap. It’ll all still be there when you wake up. :)

  2. Love the confusion + acceptance + affection + you know best look in Penny’s face. Oh, and adorable. Did I add that? Adorable.

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